An 18-year-old man was hospitalized Wednesday after he was struck by a Killeen police officer responding to a call.

The man was hit just after 12:30 a.m. near the intersection of Veterans Memorial Boulevard and 38th Street, according to police.

KPD spokeswoman Carroll Smith said the officer was responding to a report of an aggravated robbery in the area and had a green light. She said the man stepped in front of the officer’s vehicle.

“If the officer hadn’t taken evasive action, it could have been much worse,” Smith said.

The man was airlifted to Scott & White Hospital in Temple and was in stable condition Thursday, Smith said.

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If someone without a badge had run him over they would be in jail. Thank you for that comment familybirdsong. Very true. Accurate as well


What type a person is out that lat, a free one, what the hell it's a free country isn't it, he has a right to be anywhere he wants to be! She is just another cop, who believes she is above the law. Badges don't grant you extra rights. She should be charge with a crime like any other citizen would be.


I am not trying to be any sort of "celebrity" that is ignorant of you to assume.
No, I was basically explaining the truth to what happened. Drama is not necessary. And this is a serious matter. Have some respect as to what you say please.
And he is stable. His life is not exactly in danger anymore. But believe me we are very grateful and lucky he is alive.


Her sirens were not on. No indication of any emergency at all. Do not talk down on my brother when you yourself were not there to witness what happened. That "fool" that you speak of has 7 broken bones. A shattered leg. And is laying in a hospital bed medicated 24/7. While you have no idea what that pain feels like, you seem to be the fool talking of something you have no clue about. Before you rant, get all the facts. Before you judge, hear the police reports. And before you be disrespectful to an injured PEDESTRIAN consider the fact that the lady cop was distracted on her little computer, going over the speed limit, no lights, no sirens, nothing. While she claims to only clip his right shoulder and swerve to miss him, consider the fact that he has tire marks across his stomach. That's all I have to say to the Fool who has no information of what happened. By the way, he was not riding the skateboard.. He was walking in the grass. Once again.. Get the facts of the story before you comment on something you have no clue about.
As for the other comment, I understand where you are coming from. While he was walking he heard no sirens. Saw no lights. It was late. No one was out. If the officer was responding to a robbery.. Don't you think she would have seen a white male who was wearing a bright blue shirt, red and gray hat, and green cargo shorts while carrying a skateboard, in a bright intersection? Only if she was paying attention to the road and not her computer, right? The speed limit on Veterans Memorial is 40.. So if she was responding to a call and paying attention to the road like ANYONE is supposed to do.. WHY does he have 7 broken bones? She was not paying attention to the road because it was late and did not expect anyone to be out. No need for the lights and sirens when there is no one on the road to warn of an emergency right? My point is she is a cop. She is in the vehicle. He is a pedestrian. She hit him. Therefor, she is to blame.


What kind of fool is skateboarding on the margin of a major road at 12:30AM?


He is my Best Friends brother I am at the hospital with him now.
From what he does remember he was not crossing the street he was on the side of the road in the margin, on his skateboard. Right by jack n the box. And he did not see a police officer or any cars near by.
He does not even remember being hit. He is stable but I have NO idea how anyone knows that because no one has been here to check on him but his loving and supportive family/friends.
This officer should not get off easy for this. She clearly was not paying attention. And she has no real excuse. She obviously ran him over, he had tire tracks on his stomach. That's all I can say.


Deciding the person at fault in this incident is going to depend on the circumstances. Was the officer responding with lights and siren? If not the officer might be at fault (after all a speeding police vehicle without advertising itself by using both is merely a vehicle exceeding the speed limit.) If the police officer was using both, did the injured person ignore or not hear the siren or see the lights of the vehicle responding to an emergency? In either case the important thing is to wish the best for the injured party and not make a judgment based only on raw emotions and not the facts. If I were sitting in a hospital praying for the survival of a friend the last thing I would want to do is to attempt gain some false sense of celebrity by being the "Very First" person to comment on the story. This is real life and a real life is a stake and I find it disgusting that someone would attempt to increase the size of their ego by using a tragedy like this.

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