NOLANVILLE — A public hearing on an annexation petition designed to pave the way for development of Phase IV of the Bella Charca subdivision drew no opposition at Thursday night’s City Council meeting.

The petition calls for the annexation of 15 acres into the Nolanville city limits, which will ultimately lead to the construction of 35 single-family homes, said John Blankenship, project developer with Casa Frente Development.

The Phase IV project is the next stage of the Bella Charca subdivision and will cost about $1 million to complete.

Candace Landice, planning and zoning commission secretary, said the developer will only be given the green light for the project if action is taken on several stipulations. The first deals with the installation of a proper drainage system.

“They used a particular type of pipe in Phase I, II and III, but the city subdivision ordinance changed in 2008 and it required concrete,” she said. “So if they can show us that the structure they are using is equal or better than what the subdivision ordinance requires, then they will be fine.”

The second stipulation calls for a new development plan for Phase IV.

“When you amend the number of lots and size of lots, then you have to bring in a new development plan to show the commission,” Landice said. “They initially had a master plan for all the phases, but each phase has to have a developmental plan for the planning and zoning commission.”

Landice said she anticipates a response from the developer on the stipulations in the next month.

Mayor Christina Rosenthal said she supports the subdivision’s expansion, as Bella Charca has benefited the community.

“We have a lot of subdivisions in the area that are producing more people,” she said. “Because of this we are expanding.”

A second public hearing on the annexation petition is at 7 p.m. March 21 at the J.W. Sims Community Center, Nolanville.

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