By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

Belton Police arrested a woman Monday night after the car she was driving raced through Belton and Temple – at times reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph – before slamming into a creek bed.

The pursuit of a vehicle started at about 5:38 p.m. and ended at about 5:58 p.m. with the car crashing into a median wall on Interstate 35 and then going into a creek bed between exits 304 and 305, said Sgt. Tim Simeroth, with the Temple Police Department.

The female driver may face charges of evading arrest with a motor vehicle, child endangerment and resisting arrest and detention, Simeroth said.

He was uncertain about what charges would be filed because Belton was the primary unit in the pursuit and they transported the woman to Bell County Jail.

The woman and a male individual were driving east on U.S. Highway 190 while in a dispute with one another, said Lt. Houston Johnson of the Harker Heights Police Department. The individuals stopped the vehicle in Harker Heights and continued the argument while attempting to change positions in the car, with the male passenger taking over as driver, Johnson said.

At that time, two different witnesses called in the incident as a suspected robbery, Johnson said.

The woman and the man then entered the 190 roadway again traveling east. When Belton and Bell County Sheriffs spotted the car matching the description given by witnesses, they stopped the vehicle.

"When units from Belton and the Sheriff officers stopped the car, they took the male out of the car because they thought he was the aggressor," Johnson said.

The female then got behind the wheel and sped off, Johnson said.

The car reached speeds of 120 mph during the pursuit on 190 and Interstate 35, according to scanner reports. A child passenger also was reportedly in the car, according to scanner reports.

Through Temple, the woman was driving recklessly on and off the highway as she took exits, Simeroth said.

After crashing into the creek bed, Belton officers went down into the tributary to detain her, Simeroth said. While detained, the woman managed to slip off her handcuffs and attempted to flee on foot. She was apprehended again by police.

Belton police refused to comment about the incident, saying they had no information about the case. Bell County Sheriff's Office could not be reached for comment.

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