Herald/andy ross - Canadian Brig. Gen. Peter J. Atkinson, III Corps deputy commander, left, presents Jorge Ortiz with a Central Texas-Fort Hood Association of the U.S. Army scholarship in honor of Killeen banker Bernie Beck during Thursday night’s scholarship awards dinner at Club Hood. At right is Jack Wade of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee. - -

By Andy Ross

Killeen Daily Herald

FORT HOOD - In both 2007 and 2008, Karen Howard received $1,000 scholarships through the Central Texas-Fort Hood Association of the U.S. Army chapter that helped her pay her way at Texas Tech University.

On Thursday night, Howard was back on the stage at AUSA's annual scholarship banquet at Fort Hood. This time she was there to present a check she helped make possible through her own financial contribution.

"It's really important we give back to these scholarships that help students continue on with their education and not stop because of financial issues," Howard said at the end of the ceremony.

Howard was just one of many contributors from the Killeen area who helped make this year's AUSA scholarship awards dinner the most successful to date in terms of sheer money raised.

Roughly $72,000 was handed out to the 71 scholarship recipients, who ranged from graduating high school seniors to college students to soldiers and their spouses.

All of the scholarships were for $1,000 apiece, excluding one $2,000 award given in honor of Gen. Raymond T. and Mrs. Linda Odierno. This year's recipients competed for the money by submitting essays discussing their views on freedom of speech in America.

Susan Jones, the vice president of AUSA scholarships, said the program is all about supporting education and soldiers and their families.

"This is one of the most fantastic things I get to do," Jones said. "Everybody is very grateful. One-thousand dollars may not sound like a lot of money, but it definitely helps these students."

Marty Smith, the president of the local AUSA chapter, said the extra money in students' pockets is especially valuable given the rising costs of education.

"With the economy the way it is and prices going up every year, it is very important to help students out however we can," she said.

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Scholarship recipients

Central Texas-Fort Hood Chapter of the Association of the United States Army scholarships:

Brittany Adams, City College of New York

Danielle Allyn, Point Loma Nazerene University

Jose, Alvarez, Trident University International

Adriana Amagliani, Texas A&M University

Kelsey Belcher, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Allan Bishop, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Jazmyn Bodenheimer, New Mexico State University

Daniel Brindell, Webster University

Whitney Buckley, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Jasmaine Cash, University of Texas

William Chasteen III, University of Texas

Mariya Cheklina, Central Texas College

Matthew Christiansen, Texas A&M University

Annette Cintron, Liberty University

Paul Clady, Louisiana State University

Renee Cowan, University of Texas

Caitlyn Crawford, Texas State University

Christyn Crawford, University of Texas at Arlington

Kelly Ann Donovan-Wagner, South Dakota State University

Emily Dunn, Southern Methodist University

Danielle Durham, Western Kentucky University

Alexander Ferguson, Tarrant County College

Arielle Fritz, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Julia Garza, University of North Texas

Rebecca Garza, Texas A&M University

Thipphawan Grant, DeVry University

Stephanie Haas, John Carroll University

George Hayes, Central Texas College

Nelva Hayes, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Stephen Heape, Texas Tech University

Kevin Heredia, University of Texas

Jessica Holler, Florida State University

Bernard Hurte, University of Texas at San Antonio

Dakotah Klepinger, Texas State University

Patricia Klepinger, Central Texas College

Molly Knowles, Saint Edwards University

Trenton Knox, Texas State University

Mark Lee, Angelo State University

Darrell Lesikar, Central Texas College

Laureen Light, Tarleton State University

Sarah Marquardt, Texas A&M University

Paige McCord, Concordia University

Kiersten Melvin, University of Texas at Austin

Andy Merlo, Texas A&M

Kenneth Meyer, Central Texas College

LaBrittany Mitchell, University of Texas at San Antonio

Jorge Ortiz, Liberty University

Kassandra Perez, University of Texas at Arlington

Francesca Presta, Stephen F. Austin

Alyssa Price, University of North Texas

William Rabena, Texas A&M University

Bailie Reed, Southern Methodist University

Alana Rice, Texas A&M University

Amanda Rodriguez, University of Texas at San Antonio

Monica Roozen, American Military Institute

Miriam Rousseau, University of Texas

Cody Ruhl, Texas Christian University

Jerald Sancho Jr., Central Texas College

Janica Santos, University of Texas at San Antonio

Savannah Seybold, Texas Lutheran University

Kiefer Shenk, University of Texas

Alison Simerly, University of Texas

Zoe Simpson, Texas State University

Mary Sluss, University of Texas at Austin

Lakrisha Smith, Central Texas College

Christina Upright, University of Phoenix

Brianna R. Velarde, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Jerry Wagner, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Tanner Wagner, University of Texas at Arlington

Emily Williams, University of Texas at Austin

Alexandria Wood, Texas A&M, Health Science

Jerry Smith Scholarship: Matthew Christiansen

Military Officers Association of America scholarship: Paul Clady

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