BELTON — Residents can expect to see more houses during the next few years.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Belton City Council members unanimously approved a development agreement between Belton and Kiella Family KTD to plan a residential subdivision for The Bluffs at Dunn’s Hollow, a 40-acre tract of land west of the Dunn’s Canyon and Lake roads intersection.

Plans call for neighborhoods with single-family homes.

In addition, the council voted to rezone Dawson Ranch, about nine acres of undeveloped agricultural land south of the Chisholm Trail Parkway, into another place for single-family homes.

“I think this is exciting,” Councilman Dan Kirkley said of the impending housing development.

Highland Estates, about 15 acres of land northeast of the intersection of Sparta and Wheat roads, also will be turned into single-family home neighborhoods. The council voted the land, which was rezoned last year, will be divided into lots for new houses.

During a workshop before Tuesday’s regular council meeting, members also discussed other ongoing developments:

A major change was made to the Nolan Creek Pedestrian and Bike Trail Project, which is underway to extend the trail so it ends at Ninth Avenue.

The design of the new wall along the recently added trail section was altered, so the pattern in the concrete will match the existing wall. The new design will be easier to repair and maintain.

The council also reviewed the design concept for the Sparta Road widening project that will add more traffic lanes and a bike trail from Loop 121 to Main Street. The broader road will accommodate the heavy traffic in that area, which has an entrance into Walmart.

“(The road) needed to be four lanes eventually, and eventually is now,” City Manager Sam Listi said.

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