BELTON — If Belton residents look carefully at the annual report included in their water bill, they will see Angellia Points’ name.

Points is one of the behind-the-scenes people who help city operations run smoothly.

Points is the city’s new assistant director of public works. Her position is the first purely administrative one for the Belton Public Works Department and will restructure how operations are performed.


Points will free the public works director of many peripheral tasks, so he can focus on planning and developing.

“I will do the nitty-gritty work,” she said.

Points, a professional engineer, will specialize in handling the city’s water concerns.

“Everything — streets, drainage, storm water, you name it,” she said.

As the newest of the city’s two assistant public works directors, she will, among other tasks, check into residents’ concerns and handle environmental reporting, which she explains as “telling the state how we are doing with handling the water.”

She also will be the one who sends those annual water reports to city residents.

“Reporting to different state agencies is a large workload,” said Paul Romer, the city’s public information officer. “She is really going to help (the public works director) focus more on managing his people.”

Points’ history

Before becoming Belton’s recent hire, Points earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil and environmental engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

“It has a great engineering program,” said Points, who is the first person in her family to earn a college degree.

She said she choose environmental engineering because of the flexibility the degree gives her in the field.

“I could do anything — lab, consulting or marketing,” she said.

After becoming licensed as a professional engineer, Points decided to work for Freeze and Nichols Inc., an engineering and architectural firm.

After four successful years with the firm, she decided to take on the new position at Belton.

“I feel as though everyone working with this city has an investment that you don’t see at many other cities, she said.

Points is settling into her new office, and has decorated it with pictures from her trip to Guatemala.

She traveled to the Central American country with a nonprofit, humanitarian organization, Engineers without Borders, that helps developing countries throughout the world improve their living standards.

During Points’ Guatemala visit, the organization went to a village to help the people living there devise a way to get water from nearby springs to houses.

One of the pictures on Points’ office wall is of a child peering into a schoolhouse window. Next to the child is a bucket of water.

“To attend school, each child had to bring some water,” she explained.

One of the best times she had with the children was roasting marshmallows over lava, she said.

First task

As Belton’s assistant director of public works, Points said her latest task is helping Belton’s public works staff prepare for the annual Fourth of July festivities, making sure the parks and streets are safe and clean.

“We’ll do the behind-the-scenes work that people thinks happens magically,” she said.

Points said she enjoys the variety her new position brings.

“Every day is interesting. That’s the beautiful thing about public works,” she said.

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