Voters chose Dave Brackmann to be Nolanville’s newest City Council member.

In winning the Place 5 seat, Brackmann received 54 votes, or 65 percent, while his opponent, Ernesto Servan, received 29 votes, or 35 percent.

“I’m looking forward to working with the City Council and seeing the city come together,” Brackmann said. “I want to make a difference and change the way people perceive Nolanville and clear that cloud that has formed over our city.”

Residents also voted to reauthorize the local sales and use taxes at the rate of 0.25 percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets. The reauthorization received 75 votes, or 87 percent, in favor and 11 votes, or 13 percent, against continuing the road tax.

“Every little bit of money helps because street repairs are very costly,” said City Manager Stephen Pearl, about the tax that yields about $36,000 a year. “With all the funds combined, between the tax and what we are budgeting for, we can get more projects funded and completed.”

Pearl said areas of concern include the Plaza area off Mesquite Street and the streets along the north side of Main Street.

Place 2 incumbent Sherri Morales was unopposed for re-election, garnering 62 votes.

A New Jersey native, Brackmann, 55, has been a Nolanville resident since 2009 when he took a job at Fort Hood as a multimedia manager.

Brackmann, a homeowner and business owner of Do Good Designs, said he saw “great potential” in the area and wants to see the city grow.

His main goal serving on the council is to revive and give the Main Street area a “face-lift” to attract more businesses to Nolanville.

“I want to expand on the city’s motto of ‘Being a great place to live,’” Brackmann said. “I’m hoping that people see what we’ve done to revitalize the old laundromat on Main Street and for that trend to continue.”

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