Two Republican women will battle for Texas’ Senate District 24 after securing their place in the May 24 runoff election.

In Tuesday night’s Super Tuesday Texas primary election, Susan King, R-Abilene, a veteran lawmaker and five-term Texas House member, won the night with 32,431 or 27 percent of the vote. She will face Dawn Buckingham, R-Lakeway, an eye surgeon and protege of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Buckingham received 29,501 or 25 percent of the vote.

Neither King nor Buckingham returned the Herald’s calls Tuesday, but a closer look at their campaign finance reports reveals heavy spending in the weeks leading up to the primary election.

King spent about $700,000 on consulting and advertising, mostly in the last two weeks leading up to Tuesday’s primary. She now has more than $200,000 cash on hand, according to her campaign finance reports on the Texas Ethics Commission website.

Buckingham spent almost as much: a little less than $600,000 on consulting and advertising in the two weeks leading up to Tuesday’s primary. Buckingham has about $15,133 cash on hand, according to her campaign finance reports on the Texas Ethics Commission website. | 254-501-7552​

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Dr Strangelove

Voters remember don zip code did not vote for King in the primary election. Buckingham is a moderate but thanks to far-right wingers we have gay marriage now. We need to have more moderates and get rid of far left/right wingers that just mess things up.


Voters remember Buckingham claims to be conservative yet gives campaign donations to liberal democrats who oppose your gun rights and who are pro abortion. Don't believe what Buckingham says, believe what she does. She won't have my vote.

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