Lan Carter thinks she’s the best person for a spot on the Killeen Independent School District’s board of trustees, but she doesn’t think she’ll win the Place 4 seat in Saturday’s election.

So, Carter said she’s doing what’s in the best interest of the students. She announced her endorsement for fellow candidate Marvin Rainwater on Wednesday.

“I decided last night that I needed to support someone that I admire and respect,” Carter said. “His educational experience and knowledge surpasses all of the other candidates to include myself.”

Although a candidate can announce their withdrawal from the race at any time, the deadline for a candidate’s name to be removed from the school board ballot was March 5, according to the Texas secretary of state’s website.

Since her name is still on the ballot, Carter said she regrets not endorsing Rainwater before the early-voting period, which ended Tuesday.

“He has always campaigned with integrity and honesty and answered questions genuinely and succinctly,” Carter said. “He has never misrepresented himself in any manner and has the students’ and staff’s interest at heart. I don’t have to worry about him representing other people’s interest and that’s why I am endorsing him.”

Rainwater said it was “a compliment of the highest honor” to have Carter’s endorsement.

“I admire her passion for service to KISD.

“Like many parents, her desire is to (make) sure her children receive the best possible education,” Rainwater said. “Lan is transparent, she is open and truthful, she speaks for herself (and) her motives are selfless.”

A legal battle

Carter, one of the five candidates running in the school board election, is waging a legal battle with the school district in federal court.

Carter’s Austin-based attorney filed a motion March 31 in Waco to appeal the decision of an independent hearing officer regarding special education services for one of Carter’s children.

That was the latest action taken by Carter in a back-and-forth battle with the district that’s lasted nearly four years.

The district has yet to file a response with the court over Carter’s appeal, which seeks that the hearing officer’s decisions be overturned, and that the court grant court costs, attorney’s fees and any “additional relief as the court may deem just, proper and appropriate.”

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