COPPERAS COVE — The City Council on Tuesday approved funding for a twice-delayed fire station renovation, a water improvement project and a utilities relocation project.

Expenditures totaled $4.6 million in additional allocated funds, and officials agreed to pull from future revenue in order to begin projects.

According to city documents, officials plan to use 2015 certificates of obligation to fund project shortfalls.

Council members Tuesday approved $458,000 for renovations slated for Fire Station No. 2 — in addition to the $3.25 million previously allocated, bringing the total project cost to $3.716 million.

Although city officials turned down the first bids they received in January, the subsequent bids were not much lower, City Manager Andrea Gardner said.

Fire Station No. 2, located on Avenue B, is about 3,000 square feet with four full-time employees on duty, Interim Fire Chief Mike Flemming said. In an attempt to anticipate city growth, he said, the money would go toward adding a bay for trucks, and increasing and improving facilities to accommodate more staff.

“We’re realizing growth towards the west side of the community, and our fire station needs to grow with it,” Flemming said.

The $2.052 million water improvement project will incorporate the design and construction of the Southwest Water Improvements Phase Two, a project that began in 2012 and will provide utilities west of the city, an area that has yet to be developed, Assistant City Manager Ryan Haverlah said.

An additional $2.164 million will be set aside to relocate utilities along Farm-to-Market 116 from the northern portion of downtown to Anderson Avenue, as the Texas Department of Transportation will be widening the road. If the city does not fund the utility relocation, TxDOT will cancel the project.

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