This year will mark the fifth anniversary of the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting at Fort Hood, and Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin said it’s a “black eye” on the community that the funds to erect a memorial still have not been raised.

A sign with “We will remember” splashed across it in bold letters sits on a parcel of land adjacent to the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. It’s marked the place where the memorial will go since its unveiling in 2010.

The memorial will honor the 13 killed in the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Processing Center.

“It’s somewhat embarrassing as a community that we have not been able to extend our hand in generosity to this effort,” Corbin said. “I think that is a black eye on our community. It’s really kind of embarrassing.”

Former Mayor Tim Hancock, chairman of the memorial committee, briefed the City Council at its Tuesday workshop meeting about the memorial's current funding.

Hancock said of the estimated $425,000 it will take to erect the memorial, $160,403 has been raised. The committee has spent $112,197 of the funds its raised to purchase bronze sculptures commemorating the 13 killed. The sculptures are on display in the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

Hancock said an estimated $265,242 is needed to complete the structure.

“In this area, on that day, we were as close to Afghanistan, Iraq and any other war zone as we have ever been, because it happened right (here),” he said. “If we can recognize soldiers when they are walking around, then we (should) be able to recognize them when they have gone beyond.”

To donate to the Fort Hood memorial, go to

Contact Natalie Stewart at or 254-501-7555

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Very good and valid points George.

I don't believe the mayor has ever understood the plight of the average Killeen citizen. I reach this conclusion b/c of his facebook posts about his mani & pedicures, $$$ dinners at Cheeves Bros & Ruth Chris' in Temple, flights, cruises, vacations, etc.

He has no clue that we all don't earn the money that he and the those in his circle of associates make.

What is a black eye is the power and privilege (like being embarrassed by his citizens' lack of support for a memorial) of Killeen's elite while so many in the community suffer, barely getting by trying to get the essentials like food and shelter.


I question the need for a memorial for a cowardly deed by a traitor. It was a crime that needs not be memorilized. The memorial to me just serves the need of surrounding business present or planned and egos, yes it was tragic so was the murders at Luby's is there a memorial there?. The money planned to be spent would be best served by building a shelter for the homeless, support a food bank for those truly in need, a warming place for the street people in times such as this freeze, in the name of the deceased.

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