COPPERAS COVE — The Coryell County Economic Development Board discussed the formation of a committee to be responsible for EDB communications at its meeting Monday.

Board member Mary Beth Harrell said the EDB’s website needs to be updated and checked for accuracy. Harrell also said comments and questions posted on the EDB’s page should be monitored.

Harrell presented a partial solution to the board, requesting they accept the voluntary help of J.R. Atkins, a local businessman with extensive website experience.

Board member Barbara Burrow said the communications committee would be responsible for writing press releases and checking EDB stories in the local media for accuracy.

The board also discussed the best way to present its request for $70,000 for a strategic economic plan to the county commission.

“If we don’t have money to work with, we won’t have a plan,” EDB Chairman Dick Van Dyke said.

Following discussion on how to approach commissioners, Fred Chavez, board member and EDB secretary, made a motion that board members Eric Kietzer and Van Dyke attend the commissioners’ budget workshop next week to present “Plan A” — the request for $70,000 — and the alternate “Plan B” — a request for $35,000. Both plans will expand economic development.

Chavez also suggested Burrow, Harrell and Kietzer meet with county commissioners and invite them to the to the economic development workshop Aug. 19 at Central Texas College.

The motion was seconded and approved by a unanimous vote.

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