Incumbent Terry Delano is unopposed for Seat 5 on the Killeen Independent School District board of trustees.

1. Why do you think you are the best qualified candidate for the board seat?

I have over seven years of experience on the KISD Board of Trustees. During my span of service to the district, I have tried to research every issue carefully and make decisions that are based on facts and sound logical reasoning. I have learned to be a good listener and provide a good balance to meet the needs of the student, staff, and taxpayer. Although I feel that I am a well-qualified candidate, the voter is ultimately the one who decides who is the most qualified.

2. What do you see as the single biggest issue facing the Killeen school district?

After Dr. Robert Muller announced his resignation on Tuesday, I feel that the biggest issue that the district is currently facing is finding a superintendent who will be a good fit for the district.

3. What qualities will you look for in a new superintendent?

A superintendent should have classroom experience as well as administrative experience. He or she should have a good understanding of finances, budgets, education law and a passion for student achievement. The ideal candidate should be a great leader who knows how to assemble a staff of other great leaders. Perhaps most important, the superintendent should be a person of good moral character.

4. If forced to make budget cuts, where would you prioritize spending?

The classroom should be preserved and spending should be prioritized toward the classroom as much as possible.

5. What changes would you make to the district’s employee insurance plan?

Currently, surrounding districts have a health insurance plan which offers much lower premiums, more choices, and in most cases, better coverage. During the last plan hike, some employees saw their premiums raised in excess of $300 per month. The employees deserve a better plan and the district should switch to a plan that will be in the best interest of our highly valued staff.

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