GATESVILLE — With a bit of a surge on the last day, 674 ballots were cast in Coryell County during the five days of early voting in the May 27 Democratic and Republican primary runoff election.

Early voting ran Monday through Friday, with daily vote totals of 117, 97, 127, 132 and 201.

The voting was fairly even between the two polling places, with 340 votes cast at the Copperas Cove City Council Chambers and 334 ballots collected at the Gatesville Courthouse Annex.

Democrats will pick their U.S. Senate nominee from runoff candidates David M. Alameel and Kesha Rogers. Their commissioner of agriculture nominee will be Jim Hogan or Richard “Kinky” Friedman.

Republicans will choose their general election candidates for lieutenant governor, incumbent David Dewhurst or Dan Patrick; attorney general, Dan Branch or Ken Paxton; commissioner of agriculture, Sid Miller or Tommy Merritt; and railroad commissioner, Wayne Christian or Ryan Sitton.

Only primary voters are eligible to vote in their party’s runoff. More than 3,600 Coryell County Republicans turned out for the March primary election that resulted in the runoffs. More than 360 Democrats voted in their party primary.

Bell County

According to Bell County elections officials, more than 3,760 people voted during the early voting period, including more than 900 mail-in ballots.

Bell County saw a precipitous dropoff in early voting turnout for the primary election.

By 5 p.m., 651 voters had turned out to cast ballots on Friday. The single-day total dropped from 776 voters on Thursday, according to figures from the Bell County Elections Department.

The largest turnout Friday was at the Bell County Courthouse Annex in Belton, 550 E. Second Ave., which had 249 voters.

The second largest turnout was at the Bell County Courthouse Annex in Temple, 205 E. Central Ave., which had 227 voters.

The Bell County Courthouse Annex in Killeen, 301 Priest Drive, which had fewer than 100 voters every individual day of early voting, hosted 114 voters.

The Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Center, 307 Millers Crossing, had 61 voters.

With the close of early voting Friday, voters wishing to cast a ballot will have to wait until the polls reopen on Tuesday, Deputy Voter Registrar Melinda Luedecke said.

Bell County will be using consolidated polling locations, which means that some voters may have to travel to a different polling location to cast a ballot, said Shawn Snyder, Bell County elections administrator.

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