LAMPASAS — Lampasas County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse is seeking re-election and to a third term and will face challenger Brandy Eckermann, a schoolteacher, in the March 4 primary.

The position presides over a five-member commissioners court, which has ultimate budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations.

Boultinghouse, 70, lives in Lampasas and was born in the county. Although he briefly moved away, Boultinghouse has resided in the county continuously since 1986.

He also served on a few boards, including the Lampasas County Museum Board and the Spring Ho committee, of which he was chairman for three years.

He was involved in the construction planning for Lampasas High School and is the liaison between the community and the Lower Colorado River Authority.

“I believe that my experience, approachability, fair-mindedness, honesty and good understanding of county government greatly qualifies me for the position,” he said.

He said the greatest challenge facing the county is maintaining a balanced budget.

Eckermann, 37, lives in Lampasas and works as a fourth-grade teacher in the Lometa Independent School District, where she has taught and coached for 11 years.

Born and raised in the area, she moved away briefly for college. She’s been involved with area youth sports coaching and volunteering for 10 years and was recently the coordinator of the area’s youth football program.

“I believe if I can handle small children, 5- to 6-year-olds and teenage girls, then I shouldn’t have a problem handling commissioners court or judgeship duties,” she said. “(Coaching and working with children has) definitely helped develop my character, and I’ve learned to work for other people. When you work with kids, you have to work put them before yourself.”

Eckermann believes that the county’s high taxes are its biggest problem and said she would seek alternate ways to fund projects.

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