Gary Purser Jr. filed for one of three open at-large Killeen City Council seats.

Jared Foster, Doris Mims-Owens, Jonathan Okray and Juan Rivera also are on the ballot for city council.

Scott Cosper and Dick Young filed for mayor.

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Five city council members recalled in election
Posted: Nov 08, 2011 10:35 PM CST

By: Nicole Jacobsen

KILLEEN – It's been a long and controversial seven months since the Killeen City Council voted to spend $750,000 to buy-out the contract of former city manager, Connie Green.

Following Tuesday's election, residents voted to recall all five of the city council members, putting Killeen at risk of coming to a standstill as there are no longer enough members needed to conduct business.

Larry Cole, one of the five recalled members, said Tuesday afternoon he was fully expecting the votes to go against him, but said he would be humbled if residents allowed him to stay.

"It's a relief that it's over, and I say it's over," Cole says. "The winners are going to be hooping and hollering and beating their chests and brow beating for the next week or two. But that goes with being the winner."

Without those five employees, Killeen can no longer conduct re-zoning hearings or accept funding or grants for city improvement projects.

To fill the empty seats, a judge will have to order a special election, and citizens will have to wait till at least February to replace those members that were recalled.

Only members of Killeen's City Council will return to work on Wednesday.

A complete breakdown of the votes is displayed below:

• Billy Workman: 70% for recall, 30% against
•Larry Cole: 76% for recall, 24% against
•Juan Rivera: 62% for recall, 38% against
•Kenny Wells:73% for recall, 27 against
•Scott Cosper: 78% for recall, 22% against

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