Lampasas County Clerk Connie Hartman, a 30-year incumbent, is being challenged by Sharon Fortner in the March 4 Republican Primary.

The county clerk is responsible for filing the vital records of the county, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, land use, land rights, real estate and other court records easily.

The position is an elected four-year position.

Hartman, 57, has held the position since 1984. She’s resided in Lampasas County for more than 50 years and calls Lampasas home.

Hartman also is the Lampasas Kiwanis Club treasurer, a post she’s held for more than 20 years. Kiwanis, an international volunteer organization, is responsible for partially sponsoring Lampasas’ annual Spring Ho Festival.

As county clerk, Hartman is most proud of the transition her office made, once grant money was available and with help from commissioners and party chairs, from paper ballots to electronic ballots.

“I think my past experience qualifies me well for this position,” she said. “I worked for lawyers before I became county clerk. I try to stay current with changes and how to implement change as well as terminology.”

Fortner, 51, is the chief deputy district clerk for Lampasas County. She has held the position for a year and a half. Previously, she served 3½ years as deputy district clerk for the county.

Fortner was born in Forth Worth, but her family is originally from Lampasas and she has been part of the community since 1983.

Fortner has previous experience in office administration, specifically with nonprofit organizations. She also has experience in cost analysis and human relations.

For the past five years, she has served on the finance committee with Lampasas Methodist Church. She’s also served as chairman of Lampasas’ Relay for Life in its inaugural three years.

“I’ve been through previous employment where companies were software transitioning and establishing technology and I feel like I have the abilities in experience to bring those technology needs to the office,” she said.

Fortner’s biggest concern is modernizing the office of county clerk, specifically updating the computer systems.

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