GATESVILLE — Gatesville Families First, a group opposed to two ballot measures to allow the sale of alcohol in the city, has raised $12,058 in contributions from 32 donors and spent about $10,530 on advertising, according to a financial report filed Tuesday with the city secretary.

One of the ballot propositions would allow for mixed-drink sales in restaurants. The other would allow stores to sell beer and wine for off-premise consumption.

Last week, Gatesville Committee for Economic Growth, a pro-alcohol group, blasted the opposing group for not filing its financial report as required by the Texas Ethics Code.

Councilman Ollie Inmon, treasurer for the pro-alcohol group, questioned whether Gatesville Families First had accepted contributions from liquor interests outside the city to fight the ballot propositions.

Charles Wise, secretary and treasurer of Gatesville Families First, said his group accepted no contributions from “the liquor industry.”

Most of the anti-alcohol contributions were from individuals and ranged from $15 to $250, according to the report. The largest contributions came from two Gatesville churches and from Wise and his wife, Mary.

Gatesville Committee for Economic Growth has collected and spent $71,300, according to the group’s financial reports filed with the city secretary. The contributions came from four companies: Wal-Mart ($21,000), H-E-B ($21,000), Stripes LLC ($21300) and Micobe Inc. ($8,000).

Stripes LLC, a convenience store chain based in Corpus Christi, has plans to locate a store in Gatesville if the ballot measures pass, Inmon said.

Wal-Mart, H-E-B and Micobe Inc., a feed and seed distributor based in Hamilton, have stores in Gatesville.

All of the expenditures for Gatesville Committee for Economic Growth went to Texas Petitions Strategies with offices in Austin and Arlington, according to the reports.

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