Jay Kimbrough

In this Wednesday, March 28, 2007 file photo, Jay Kimbrough answers questions during a news conference in Austin, Texas. At left is Gov. Rick Perry. The longtime adviser to Perry is in critical condition at a hospital in Central Texas after a motorcycle crash on Friday, May 16, 2104. 

Harry Cabluck | AP

BRYAN — A longtime adviser to Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in critical condition Saturday at a hospital in Central Texas after a motorcycle crash.

The Austin American-Statesman reported Jay Kimbrough crashed his motorcycle about 6 p.m. Friday.

The newspaper reported that Trooper Jessie Jordan, a Department of Public Safety investigator, said witnesses told police Kimbrough was driving his Harley-Davidson on the grassy median between Texas State Highway 6 south of Navasota. Jordan said the witnesses reported it did not appear that Kimbrough had been forced into the median by a vehicle and that it was unclear why he was riding there. Jordan said Kimbrough crashed when he ran into a turnaround between the lanes. Kimbrough was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan, where he remained in critical condition Saturday evening, officials said.

Kimbrough has had a storied career in Texas government and has served in multiple posts, including deputy chancellor of the Texas A&M System and assistant director of Homeland Security for the Department of Public Safety.

Kimbrough, a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran, is currently employed with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission working on veterans’ affairs.

HHSC spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman says Kimbrough focuses on treatment for traumatic brain injuries and mental illness, raising awareness that such services are available and looking at ways to hire more veterans.

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