By Todd Martin

Special to the Daily Herald

Grant-funded projects in Killeen ISD schools will bring archery, guitars and networked calculators to students through the school district's Education Foundation.

A grant patrol including the superintendent, deputy superintendent, foundation board members and others sprayed party string and danced to celebration music Friday, awarding grants to 22 teachers in 13 schools.

At Rancier Middle School in Killeen, four math teachers won grants that will send 30 teachers to professional development and enrich the school with materials for measurement activities in math and science.

Rancier teacher Nancy Watson said student surveys at the school indicated a desire to learn through actively working on projects with their hands.

A $3,995 professional development grant and a $442 classroom grant will provide books and materials, training for 30 teachers and projects aimed at combining math and science and teaching measuring skills.

Working on projects, Watson said, seems to ingrain learning for many students.

In another grant delivery, patrol members barged into the band hall at Killeen High School, spraying directors and students with string and handing out a check for $4,978 for a grant called Making Guitar Heroes.

KHS assistant principal Lesa Gurley said the grant would help purchase 30 acoustic guitars to support a new class provided through the band.

So far, 120 students have signed up for the guitar class at KHS, and the grant will offset costs, Gurley said.

Also at Killeen High School, teacher Lindsay Conrad accepted a $4,902 grant to purchase Texas Instruments nSpire calculators.

The networked calculators will allow students to see their work on a screen, helping students to better understand math lessons, Conrad said.

At Nolanville Elementary School, excited students gathered around PE teacher Raeann Melvin. She and colleague Michael Duncan received a $4,996 grant for Bullseye Math to bring archery to the school.

The two teachers completed an eight-hour training course about using archery in schools to teach math.

Melvin said the archery activities would focus on math skills that students often struggle to master and would incorporate physical education and safety.

Grant patrol funds

Professional Development Grants

Teaching with Poverty in Mind (one attending training): $1,500

Melinda Wright, Clear Creek Elementary School

Author Speak 2011 (five attending training): $8,297

Patricia Meacham, Union Grove Middle School

CSCOPE State Conference (nine attending training): $7,694

Pamela Williamson, Rancier Middle School

AVID Path Training: High School Writing (30 training participants): $9,000

Jerome Ciesiolka, Ellison High School, Harker Heights High School, Killeen High School, Gateway High School, and Shoemaker High School.

Mastering Measurements the AIMS way!-Activities that Integrate Math and Science (AIMS) Professional Development (30 training participants): $3,995

Cheryl Samples, Rancier Middle School

Dr. Todd Whitaker, presents, What Great Teachers Do Differently, the Fourteen Things that Matter Most (760 training participants): $14,000

Rhea Bell, Ellison High School

CSCOPE State Conference (five attending training): $3,956

Sondra Campbell, Meadows Elementary

Virtual Instructor Program (one attending training): $1,100

Jeffrey Fuller, Shoemaker High School

CAMT Institute (10 attending training): $5,806

Bryan Charlton, Ellison High School

TEPSA Summer Conference (five attending training): $4,096

Gail Charles-Walters, Saegert Elementary School

Engagement Grants

Making Guitar Heroes: $4,978

Lesa Gurley, Killeen High School

Project-based Outcomes for Mathematics: $442

Cheryl Samples, Rancier Middle School

Mathematicians as Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers: $1,457

Tivonda Tucker-Johnson, Ira Cross Elementary School

Bullseye Math: $4,996

Michael Duncan, Nolanville Elementary School

Over, Under and Through Part 2: $4,856

Brett Lingle, Saegert Elementary School

Reigniting the Embers of Classroom Instruction: The Torch $1,050

Kristal C. Styles, Rancier Middle School

Getting Mobile with MobiView $5,000

Marie Icmat, Nolan Middle School

Race into Math and Science $4,942

Sandra Melendez, Shoemaker High School

Generation N Learning $1,416

Jennifer Eck, Clarke Elementary

Teaching through Technology $4,902

Lindsay Conrad, Killeen High School

A Bridge to Success: Connecting Theater to English Language Arts $1,483

Ida Holloway Byrd, Ira Cross Elementary

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