HARKER HEIGHTS — While candidates in Killeen are spending a hefty sum of money on advertising, signs and event expenses, candidates in Heights have a different approach when it comes to campaigning. The Texas Ethics Commission requires local candidates to file two campaign finance reports, 30 days and eight days before an election.

According to a campaign finance report, Mayor Rob Robinson leads the pack in spending, after he spent $204.59 in printing expenses to produce campaign cards and buttons.

Despite not having an active opponent to campaign against, Robinson said he’s not “taking anything for granted” and is actively seeking election because Oscar Dominguez’s name still is on the May 10 ballot, despite his withdrawal from the race.

Political newcomer David Brown, who is running for vacant Seat 4, said he hasn’t “raised a dime or spent a dime.”

“I’ve attended two forums so far, and if people want to hear me talk, I will talk,” Brown said. “There are a lot of people running for office in Killeen and because it’s so competitive, I believe they feel like they need to buy signs and such.”

As of Wednesday, Brown’s opponent, John Reider, had not turned in a campaign finance report.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, on the campaign treasurer appointment form, there is an option to choose modified reporting for the next election cycle. Modified reporting excuses an opposed candidate from filing reports 30 days and eight days before an election and eight days before a runoff. An opposed candidate is eligible for modified reporting only if the candidate does not intend to exceed either $500 in contributions or $500 in expenditures (excluding filing fees) in connection with an election.

“I haven’t spent any money, and I don’t intend on asking anyone for money,” Reider said. “When I campaigned a few years back and wasn’t as well known, I asked for money, but it’s not something I like to do and I don’t plan on doing that again this time.”

Reider was unable to attend a March 27 forum at the St. Paul Chong Hasang Parish Center hosted by the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee because of an illness, but sent his daughter, Lauren Reider, to speak on his behalf.

Reider did not attend the forum hosted by League of United Latin American Citizens Council 4535 and the Killeen Branch of the NAACP on Monday because he did not receive an invitation, but said he will attend the forum hosted by the Exchange Club of Killeen on Monday.

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