HARKER HEIGHTS — City Council members voted Tuesday to amend the water and sewer rates section of the fiscal year 2014 fee schedule.

The city of Harker Heights obtained the water and sanitary sewer certificate of convenience and necessity, from the Dog Ridge Water Supply Corporation along both sides of Farm-to-Market 2410 between Warriors Path and High Oak Drive, said Mark Hyde, director of Public Works.

The city has a water improvement project underway to extend water lines and fire hydrants to the north side of FM 2410 and tie the Dog Ridge WSC water distribution system in to the Harker Heights water distribution system.

Phase 1 of the trunk sewer project includes about 2.2 miles of a 10-inch diameter force main, 33 manholes, 2 miles of gravity sanitary sewer ranging from 8-inch to 27-inch diameter pipe and one 800-gallon-per-minute lift station.

Currently, 18 of the 89 water meters are located in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction and those customers are subject to paying twice the water and sanitary sewer rates for out-of-city limit service.

All 89 Dog Ridge WSC water meters are within the city’s CNN, and the fee schedule would provide the same water and sewer rates for service in Heights’ CNN.

Customers outside of the Heights CNN would pay twice the water and sanitary sewer rates for service. Water rates have a base rate of $9.98 and the cost per 1,000 gallons is $3.11 for those within the city’s CNN.

The base rates for those outside the city’s CNN is $19.96 and is $6.22 per 1,000 gallons.

The base rate sewer service for residents inside the CNN is $17.99 and is $35.98 for those outside of the city’s CNN.

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