HARKER HEIGHTS — The City Council evaluated a proposed thoroughfare plan Tuesday that will put into concept future roadways for navigating the city.

“Providing more ways to get somewhere is critical for city functions,” said Fred Morris, Harker Heights’ planning and development director.

The plan focuses on the current roadway infrastructure and possible future streets and major intersection to help improve access to other thoroughfares and city designations, Morris said.

Drafted into the proposed plan, which will go before the City Council for official approval in the near future, are suggested changes to current roadways.

Turning the Stillhouse Lake Road end of Cedar Knob Road into a cul-de-sac and realigning the street to connect with the Tuscany Meadows’ entrance — Vineyard Trail — is one such change. Connecting Rosewood Drive to Chaparral Road and straightening Chaparral with Stillhouse Lake Road is another.

The proposed plan also outlines more possible thoroughfares connecting U.S. Highway 190 to Farm-to-Market 2410 to include additions to Warriors Path and a second street running alongside the Nolanville Animal Shelter to tie in to Paddy Hamilton Road.

Heights has discussed the plan with Nolanville and Killeen’s city staff since several of the conceptual roadways travel into the neighboring cities, said David Mitchell, Heights city manager.

Working together on those roadways is vital, he said.

Mayor Rob Robinson was concerned about the city keeping the roadway concepts from becoming part of residential or commercial lots in future developments.

A thoroughfare plan gives the city a “proactive approach” to development, Mitchell said. It allows future developers to look at the proposed roadways and either work within the guidelines of the plan or negotiate with the city create the roadway.

It also shows developers the city is thinking of its future growth, he said. As developments and growth come, the ideal locations of the roadway can be “tweaked” to facilitate subdivisions and obstacles such as topography.

The city’s previous thoroughfare plan was approved in 2007, and the administration started to update it in January. A pedestrian and cycling master plan, which is under development, will complement the thoroughfare plan.

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