By Danielle Church

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS - The City Council on Tuesday heard a presentation by a Frontier Trail resident who claimed that the police department "closed the book" on her after numerous complaints about the barking of her neighbor's dog.

Candice Shoaf told the council she has had an 11-year problem with the uncontrolled nuisance barking and that it has "taken away (her) right to a quality of life."

Shoaf told the council that she is awakened at odd hours of the night due to incessant barking and wishes animal control and the HHPD would abate the problem permanently.

HHPD Police Chief Mike Gentry said the department has looked over the case, and has not closed the book on anything.

"There is no book to close; we just have to have evidence that meets the criteria before we can charge (anyone)," he said.

According to Gentry, HHPD occasionally gets noise-related complaints about barking dogs and they respond, but unless they receive complaints from other area residents to back it up, the police cannot pursue the issue any further.

"The issue is that there is a reasonable expectation that people who live near a dog will hear (barking)," he said.

Mayor Mike Aycock excused Shoaf, saying, "We'll look into it ... that's all we can say right now."

The council also:

Approved a resolution to reject all bids for the Goode/Connell Park project.

Approved an ordinance establishing practices governing the care and maintenance of trees on city property; creating a tree advisory board; designating the city's parks and recreation director with administrative responsibility for the maintenance and removal of trees on city property; and providing for the removal of diseased or hazardous trees on private property under certain conditions.

Approved a request for alcohol services at the Chamber of Commerce's Central Texas Food and Wine Festival at 2410 Community Park.

Approved an ordinance approving a negotiated resolution between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and Atmos Energy Corp., Mid-Tex Division, regarding the company's fourth annual rate review mechanism filing in all cities exercising original jurisdiction; declaring existing rates to be unreasonable; adopting tariffs that reflect rate adjustments consistent with the negotiated settlement and finding the rates to be set by the attached tariffs to be just and reasonable.

Approved a resolution about the employee benefits trust to pay for employee-related benefits and to approve any transfers to fund the trust.

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