By Danielle Church

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS - City Manager Steve Carpenter believes that every day is evaluation day for him. So it's no surprise he's not nervous about his evaluation from the Harker Heights City Council in the coming week.

"I figure I'm evaluated every day," Carpenter said during a Harker Heights City Council workshop Tuesday.

Carpenter stressed that having feedback from the council and surrounding staff is very important in doing his job, and that the partnership between himself and the council is good.

"Part of my job is to know what the council wants," Carpenter said.

He stated that the council members all work together and get along very well.

In a closed executive session during the workshop, committee members Spencer Smith, Sam Murphey and Pat Christ were appointed to report back to the council in regard to the evaluation, which will be placed on the agenda for next week's council meeting.

As for the future of the city, Carpenter expressed that the council and staff will continue to have their multiyear planning done, and look toward the future.

In the near future, with the recent loss of the city's director of planning and development, Carpenter foresees a heavier workload being placed on staff members. But he believes that it is not necessarily a bad thing and could also be beneficial, giving them a greater outlook on other aspects of the job.

Carpenter said the city is currently advertising for the position and has already received about 20 applications.

In other business, the council:

Received and discussed a presentation from Harker Heights Recreation Superintendent Joe Brown regarding an update on the increase of participation within the city's athletic programs.

Received and discussed a presentation regarding an update to the 2006 city's water master plan with an explanation from Otto Wiederhold, P.E. of Walker Partners, on the Capital Improvement Plan accomplishments and water projects remaining to be completed.

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