Dennis K. Biggs

Dennis K. Biggs

One contested race and the reauthorization of local sales tax and use are on the ballot in Nolanville.

Lynn Bilberry, the incumbent in Seat 5, will face off against Dennis K. Biggs. Two incumbent council members are unopposed for re-election and one is facing a challenger in the Tuesday election.

Bilberry is running for his second term on the council.

“I hope residents will look at my record over the past two years and the part I’ve played in supporting the decisions that have made by the council to enhance, beautify, renovate and improve the quality of life in the city,” Bilberry said. “I want to serve and do what I can to help the city of Nolanville especially in the infrastructure arena.”

Biggs served as mayor for one year and as a council member.

“I see growth potential for the city that the council hasn’t thought of,” Biggs said. “I hope someone sponsors a forum that will give the residents a better idea of who we are and allow them to ask questions. Lynn has done a good job, and I believe it will be a close race.”

Incumbent Lawrence Butch Reis is running unopposed for a two-year term in Seat 2 and David C. Williams II, also an incumbent, is running unopposed for a two-year term in Seat 4.

Also on the Tuesday ballot is a proposition for residents to cast votes concerning the reauthorization of local sales tax and use.

The proposition states: “The reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the city of Nolanville, Texas, at the rate of ¼ of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets. The tax expires on the fourth anniversary of the date of this election unless the imposition of the tax is reauthorized.”

City Manager Kara Escajeda told the Herald that passage of the proposition is important to the improvement in the quality of life in the city.

“This is critical to keep moving forward with repairs and preventive maintenance over the next several years,” she said.

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