Killeen is asking residents for their input in a hearing today as the city gets ready to prepare its annual budget.

The hearing is the beginning of the city’s budget process where residents provide input to aid city officials in forming a broad idea of what fiscal course the city needs to set for the upcoming 2014-2015 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

“The annual budget is extremely important because it sets the course for the services the city provides,” City Manager Glenn Morrison said. “The city staff and City Council work to develop the budget based on the input they receive from the public, so it is paramount that residents participate in the process.”

Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman, said attendance at budget forums is typically low. Five residents attended last year’s forum.

“The city of Killeen provides services to the public, so hearing from those we serve helps us meet the needs and wants of the community,” she said. “The annual budget sets the plan for municipal services for the upcoming year, so input from the public during budget development is extremely important.”

Shine said the forum is slated for 6 p.m. today in the Utility Collections main conference room, 210 W. Avenue C.

There will be a number of public hearings once a drafted budget is delivered to the council on July 8, Shine said.

The budget is scheduled for adoption Sept. 9.

Shine said the city created an email address for residents to send suggestions and comments at their leisure. “Now is the best time to submit ideas for the budget because staff is developing the draft.”

Contact Natalie Stewart at or 254-501-7555

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People, now it is for you to 'decide' what you want the course of 'your' city t take. As Hilary Shine said 'Last years attendance at the annual public hearing on Budget forums was 'five residents'. I will repeat the message that was in last weeks 'Killeen mulls developing water reuse master plan and what my message was to the citizenry of Killeen.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are being 'spoon fed' by the city because, by the turnout of the last election, a total of <3,500 voters with the next mayor getting I think it is, 1,506 votes or 43.11% out of a city population of >130,000. By my reckoning, he won with 0.01% of the total population.
People, the citizens of Killeen, in this mornings newspaper, there is a ¼ page on A5 entitled 'What's Important To You'. 'The City of Killeen needs your input in planning the FY 2014 Annual Budget and the Plan of Municipal Services'. I urge each and every one of you to go to the meeting to be held in the Utility Collections Conference Room, 210 West Avenue C on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Attend and pass this on to each of your friends. Even if 0.01% of the citizens turns out, this will be more than the Utility Collections Main Conference can handle. In my opinion, they should schedule an event of this importance in the Killeen Civic Center. In my opinion, this is a topic that should be presented in an open forum, by email.

Additionally, Shine said the city created an email address for residents to send suggestions and comments at their leisure. “Now is the best time to submit ideas for the budget because staff is developing the draft.”
I've looked on the city of Killeen's pages and I do not find the email address for the city budget, but maybe I don't know where to look.
I say again, people of Killeen, this is your chance to vocally state your questions and objections, for example, the waste recycle plan, the new water plant that is to be built at Stillhose Lake, the new recycle, reuse water, plan, etc. Now's the time to clarify what is going to be in the budget, or 'let the city walk all over you'.
Please make your presence known by attending the meeting tonight.

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