Scott Cosper leads the pack in fundraising to become the next Killeen mayor, ahead of former councilman Dick Young and retiree Hal Butchart.

The Texas Ethics Commission requires local candidates file two campaign finance reports 30 days and eight days before an election.

According to a campaign finance report, Cosper, a former councilman, raised $13,482 in political contributions.

Six of Cosper’s contributors donated $500 to his campaign, including former Mayor Pro Tem Michael Lower. Diane Connell is Cosper’s highest contributor, donating $2,500. Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin contributed $382 to Cosper’s campaign.

Cosper spent $12,270 on advertising, signs and event expenses.

Young raised $3,793 in campaign funds, including $500 from Cleo Bay, $600 from Charles and Diane Guidry and $500 from Rob DiMotta.

Young had $12,812 in campaign expenditures for advertising and event expenses.

Butchart raised $1,600. According to the report, none of this contributors gave more than $50. His expenses, which covered advertising costs, totaled $2,971.

Council candidates

Killeen Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Blackstone leads the fundraising race in the battle against six other candidates vying for an at-large seat on the council in the May 10 election.

Blackstone raised $4,899, including $250 from Corbin. She spent $1,227 on advertising expenses.

Incumbent Jared Foster reported $1,700 in campaign contributions and $850 in expenditures, which included food, printing and advertising.

Randy Doyle raised $875 and had $888 in expenditures, including yard signs, name badges and Web design.

Juan Rivera received $650 in contributions, including a $250 contribution from Corbin and $200 from Lower. Rivera reported $1,664.61 in campaign expenses for signs, postcards and T-shirts.

Incumbent Jonathan Okray reported $200 in contributions and $4,191 in expenses for advertising and consulting.

Gary “Bubba” Purser reported $4,792 in campaign expenses for signs, T-shirts, buttons and hats. He reported no campaign contributions.

Doris Mims-Owens had not filed a report as of Friday.

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Killeen campaign finance reports

Campaign finance reports for candidates in May 10 Killeen municipal election.

Candidate Contributions Expenditures
Scott Cosper $13,482.84 $12,270
Dick Young $3,793 $12,812
Hal Butchart $1,600 $4,342
Elizabeth Blackstone $4,899 $1,227.21
Jared Foster $1,700 $850.73
Randy Doyle $875 $888.08
Juan Rivera $650 $1,664.61
Jonathan Okray $200 $4,191.91
Bubba Purser $0 $4,792
Doris Mims-Owens Did not file Did not file

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The city of Killeen needs to add about 15 officers to our dept. primarily a new function of seeking, arresting, and convicting folks that are DWI. I like fast cars, like seeing good street racing but the DWIs need to be in jail. Still in Dickie's corner because I believe he will add to the POLICE. These crazy drunks are too many running around here.


After watching several of the forums---

Still sticking with the ones I have already chosen, to Vote for in May election. --
A couple of things even they said, I didn't want to hear, But can't have everything.

I do like the idea of those who have not decided to desert the North side---Seems dis-loyal.
Especially the statement made by one candidate that, it is too old and in such bad condition water pipes, streets etc. , that its not worth repairing.
This in its own way, lets me know when the South side becomes 'old news ' , Would they desert it also.

I do like the idea given by some, of bringing in New shopping into the North side, There is money to be made there, from those who have been going into HH, to spend their money instead of going all the way over on the Southside.
And sometimes ,having to drive through a maze of Speed Demons from those who must feel they are at free will to do so,
since there is usually no safety officers on hand to even intimidate them with their overheads..
There is money to be made ,and in a lawful manner, by the tickets that are being allowed to No Be Written. The expenses of the Police Dept. itself could be in a way, by this method of enforcing the law.

There is as God is a witness , more then enough people on the street allowed behind the wheels of a vehicle, who gives law enforcement a reason for them to be ticketed.

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