Charging residents for curbside recycling pickup may be on the way out, depending on a review of the program scheduled for today’s Killeen City Council workshop.

Mayor Dan Corbin said the current system, in which residents pay $2.48 per month to recycle, may not have the right incentives in place.

“It does not make a lot of sense to make people pay to recycle, while those who do not recycle pay nothing,” Corbin said. “That’s not a very effective way to institute a recycling program.”

Most midsize Central Texas cities — including Austin, Copperas Cove, College Station and Waco — offer curbside recycling pickup at no cost to residents.

Harker Heights, Temple, and Nolanville do not offer curbside recycling pickup.

In cities where waste collection fees are based on the size of the city-issued trash can — such as Killeen or Austin — free recycling could save residents money, said Alexandria Bruton, public information specialist at Austin Resource Recovery.

“If you recycle more, the idea is you would have less trash,” Bruton said.

Corbin said a review of Killeen’s recycling program may be long overdue.

“My hope is that we will have a full-scale mandatory recycling program, one where everybody will have a recycling bin,” Corbin said.

Killeen disposes of its garbage at the Temple landfill. The city’s recycling is sorted at the Killeen Recycling Center and then sold by type to commercial businesses, said Killeen spokeswoman Hilary Shine.

Corbin said a potential partnership with Fort Hood or other regional entities may allow the city to offset some of the costs of instituting a new recycling program.

“We need to be concerned about the cost of the many tons of trash we haul off every day,” Corbin said.

“The city pays for many services, libraries, senior centers. ... If we get a whole lot of (recycling) going out at once, it may make more sense financially.”

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I see that the a comment that was written concerning positive water rates, but a negative comment concerning the 'council going into a closed door session so that they could 'huddle behind closed doors' to meet with their attorneys regarding 'potential legal ramifications' regarding the Bell County Municipal Utility District No. 2, was pulled. Low and behold the article 'disappeared' that same day. Somebody in this city, or the newspaper, or both doesn't like it when people 'disagree' with them so they 'remove' the article. It's as simple as that. That could be regarded as 'Freedom of speech' but I guess that is not practiced here. Too bad, at the top of the article a Mr. Ekurt talked about 'leaving the water rates as they are. He said 'low income and retired folks' have enough problems paying their water bill as it is now. But you'll never see that one again as 'it was promptly removed'.

I closed with;

'But then the glamor fell away when it was stated that the council went into closed session to receive legal advice fro it's attorneys regarding the potential legal ramifications of it's actions regarding the Bell County Municipal Utility District No. 2. Something about this just stinks to high heaven. This town is in closed session to talk about what it may do to s*rew the citizens of this town. And we are not even going to get a kiss at that. What gives this city the right to do something so underhanded as to sneak behind closed doors and discuss something that concerns every citizen. I say get it out in the open if you discuss something that pertains to every citizen. Don't sneak around behind closed doors.'

As I said, I guess the city, or the newspaper, or both does like it when people wake up to what is going on in this city. It's too bad.


To all of you my thanks for stating your views on this A**nine policy this city is getting ready in invoke. I say 'ready to invoke' because this city council will not stand up on their hind legs and protest they won't do as the mayor and city manager instruct them to do. A week ago it was 'it was a good idea to do something for the citizens'. Two days later, it was 'good for the town but you had to pay $2.50/month and it was going to take 16 months to 2 years to implement'. Bat they start the $2.50 in October to get the most out of 'their' buck. I personally believe this town is and always has been a haven for the realtors and building contractors. It was stated that Austin, Copperas Cove, College Station, and Waco offer this service free of charge. Wait and see what this council plans to do.

Randy Johnson

I think I would rather burn my trash then to pay the city any money to haul it off.

Dr Strangelove

Randy, can't burn it in the city limits. [sad]


In Belton, I was a full supporter of recycling until one of our arrogant, idiotic, greedy, pointy-nosed, money-hungry city council members blurted-out, during a city council meeting, that an ordinance be created where a person is fined (i.e. $250 and every day after a separate offense) if they left the city's huge, green, ugly container by the curb instead of pulling it beside their house after it was empty.

In addition to that, we would have to peel labels off of tin cans, separate items, etc. I told them they can keep their scheme off my property and If they brought their can out to my curb, that is where it would stay.

I told them if they forced their service onto me, I was going to discontinue my trash service alltogether and haul my own trash to the dump - the city would only receive the $3 drainage fee.

The Public Info Officer advised me that if I quit my trash service, they were going to turn my water off. Afterwhich, I encouraged him to try it - that I was not on city water, I was on Dog Ridge water supply - Belton city council, mayor, city manager and city attorney are the ones who need to be recycled.


Well put, local government is getting worst than Washington. If they can't get our money, they want to take something from us.


Coming from Germany, where recycling is the law and containers for the varying materials are provided, I naturally signed up for the recycling program here. What a surprise, when I was handed that little basket! LOL And charged? We recycle so much, that we only have a garbage can full of waste once a month. Everything goes to Fort Hood to their recycling program. A van full every month. Paper, glass, plastic, card board; steal cans and aluminum cans go out to the recycling place near the city dump. It's not much money, but I can't see to throw all that metal in the landfill if someone can make good use of it.

Dr Strangelove

Some years ago I called about this when they told me I’d have to pay extra to recycle; I’m thinking who’s smoking dope—no way would I pay for that.


Well put Dr. local government is getting worst than Washington.


It is about time, it took a jack as.. to charge people to recycle in the first place. It seems this city is always trying to get it's hands in our pockets, [angry]


So they charge the resident for recycling and then SELL the recycled materials for MONEY to other businesses. Wow, I can see why they've been doing that.


Mayor Corbin is right. Long overdue. Do it.

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