Killeen’s city manager is getting a pay raise.

The Killeen City Council performed its annual evaluation of Glenn Morrison in a closed meeting Tuesday and consented to a 4 percent merit raise, increasing his yearly salary to more than $175,000.

Council members were given an evaluation sheet to rate Morrison’s performance in 11 areas including planning, task management, leadership, financial management, communication and professional development.

Mayor Dan Corbin said the council “unanimously rated his performance highly.”

Corbin said it is written in Morrison’s contract that he be evaluated every April by the city’s governing body.

Councilman Jared Foster, who served on the committee that drafted Morrison’s contract, said the contract also holds an “evergreen clause.”

“The contract automatically renews each year, but with appropriate notice the council may elect not to extend the agreement, with or without cause,” he said. “This is why it is so critical that the council evaluate the city manager’s performance on an annual basis.”

Corbin said the evaluation lets Morrison know where he stands with the council and addresses areas where the council believes improvement is needed.

Councilman Jose Segarra said he believes the annual evaluation is important to let Morrison know the direction the council and residents want to see the city going in. “It lets him know whether he’s doing a good job or not,” he said.

Morrison’s current salary is $168,500; the 4 percent merit-raise will take effect May 1, putting his annual salary at $175,240.

“Receiving feedback from the mayor and city council is essential to the success of our organization, and I appreciate their comments and direction,” Morrison said. “I am grateful to the council for allowing me to continue working with the most dedicated team of city employees who strive every day to do their very best for our community.”

Morrison’s salary falls below that of cities of comparable size in the state. The city manager in Waco, which has a population of 127,018, is $191,378. Odessa, which has a population of 106,102, has its city manager salaried at $192,600.

Foster said he believes the city is in “a healthier place for (Morrison’s) leadership.”

“Serving with Mr. Morrison these past two years has been special in that we have learned our jobs together,” he said. “He has a particularly special gift for the management and motivation of people, the human assets that truly drive the organization.”

Councilman Jonathan Okray said working with Morrison has been “excellent.”

“He’s very receptive to me when asking questions that I receive from the citizens,” he said. “It’s great having a city manager who filters concerns to the appropriate office in the city to get citizens answers.”

Councilman Terry Clark said Morrison is “a pleasure to work with.”

“He can be heard reciting the city motto: Dedicated service every day for everyone, and he lives this motto,” he said. “Whenever he says it, he means it.”

Councilman Wayne Gilmore said he’s “really enjoyed” working with Morrison.

“I think he’s the right person for the city,” he said. “He’s doing a very good job.”

Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Blackstone said she was on the committee that selected Morrison as city manager and she believes it was “an excellent choice.”

“He’s helped the council learn and better understand things, he’s made great hires and he’s really been a great leader for the city,” she said.

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