Killeen police officers stand in formation at a Killeen Police Department memorial ceremony Thursday, May 22, 2014. City Manager Glenn Morrison proposed an additional 5 percent raise for civil service employees in the fiscal year 2015 budget, presented last week. However, now he thinks the hike may not be aggressive enough.

Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison will present a request to the City Council tonight to increase all city employees’ salaries, including police officers and firefighters but excluding Morrison’s position, by 3 percent for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

If approved by the council, the increase will be reflected in June 18 paychecks.

According to city documents, the last pay increase city employees received was 2 percent in April 2013. Morrison said the proposed increase would be carried out through the end of the 2014 fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. During the budget development process, the council will consider additional raises for various city positions.

“In the 2012-13 (fiscal year) budget what was approved as far as a pay adjustment for employees was a midterm (raise), and that was done during the budget process,” Morrison said. “What was said this year for 2013-14 (fiscal year) is that we would come back at the appropriate time and we would consider any needs that we might have.”

Morrison told the council in a special workshop meeting last week that one need that stands out is city employee pay.

The city uses a pay scale for employees with a wage minimum and maximum. For example, the minimum monthly pay for a city planner is currently $5,201 and the maximum is $8,041. The proposed rate for the position is a minimum of $5,358 and a maximum of $8,283 per month.

“(The minimum) is what attracts and how we recruit,” Morrison said. “Obviously, the midpoint and on is how we retain employees.”

Goal No. 11 in the city’s Vision 2030 plan is to recruit and maintain a talented and committed workforce in the city.

“My concern is attracting and recruiting,” Morrison said. “Attracting and attaining is a really big deal. We have a very seasoned group, a lot of folks are here for a reason. ... They’re valued employees and we want to maintain those, and I also want to be able to go out there and get the best and brightest.”

Morrison said the increase isn’t a fix to the city’s pay plan, but it will put the city in a favorable position as it moves forward in developing its 2014-2015 budget.

“I would not bring something to (the council) that funds were not available (for),” he said. “Funds are available for this at no additional cost to the citizens of Killeen. ... The 3 percent is just a start.”

Funding for the increase will cost the city $547,393, which will come from the general fund, aviation fund, solid waste fund, water and sewer fund, drainage fund and special revenues fund.

Morrison will present the request to the council at 5 p.m. today in the Utility Collections conference room, 210 W. Avenue C, Killeen.

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It is my understanding that the City Manager wants all the City employees to receive an 3% pay increase effective immediately. Like everyone else I agree in pay wages, but the economics does not warrant this high of a paid raise. As an worker in the private sector, I received a 1% increase in the last two years. It has been said that the increase would be paid out of the General Fund, which supports Solid Waste, aviation, water & sewer, drainage funds. This will cost the tax payer $547,393. Wouldn’t be better to increase the city employees wage by 1% and improve the services of the city.

Has a home owner and tax payer, I see our city services cost increase every year without seeing any improvement of services. I’m for one are disappointed in the City Police department violating citizens civil and constitutional rights, without deterring crime. The police should protect rights of the citizens, keep citizens feeling safe. The city workers on the lower pay scale, the Parks, road workers should receive a high increase than Police and Fire. As an retired Deputy Sheriff, I can testify that the pay scale propose is too high. But when comes right down to it, can you guarantee that the city’s services cost will not be increase in the near future?

I will send this email to each member of the council and attend the vote on Tuesday, to see if you truly have the City’s citizen in mind.


I agree that my brother and sister in blue get a pay raise ,but here is where im lost why don't the city have a full time or part time person at the trash site off 195 like they did years ago, see the city with out limit suck in doing a good job at the recycle job so why don't the po po enforce left wheel to curb that will generate enough cash flow to hire someone at the recycle plant off 195 2nd they did build a new popo hq due to the fact that the city ppl said that Killeen is going south hwell hell yea right on that one so why do ppl need to drive down town to drop off item so tell me please I want to know why the city of Killeen is so sorry and dirty


Are these all the facts that have been presented on the behalf of giving these employees a three percent raise?
I agree there are the group of employees that are diligent in their efforts to do an honest, hard days work. This would include those employees that in fact 'have NOT' received any kind of increase or do not get paid reasonable wages. The issue at hand has to do with those employees that the City Manager (his cronies) have been given 'illegal raises'; does Hilary Shine or a $10,000 increase in pay ring a bell? And the many reclassifications given to the City Attorneys office to the high end paid officials, Public Information employees, Human Resources employees, Community Services employees, etc.
If individuals would do the real math and research and begin by compensating all with the exception of the Executive Level and those who have received above a three percent increase in Reclassifications in the last two years that would save the city funds.

Remember your General Fund Balance per the CAFR that was not presented to City Council in a discussion format DECLINED by $1.2 million.

The Budgetary Fund Balance per your CAFR almost meets the lowest Fund Balance percentage per the fund balance policy.

Beware of how you 'PROPOSE' to spend the Taxpayers funds.

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