By Anthony Scott

Killeen Daily Herald

A district judge will have to order a recall election if Killeen's City Council refuses to approve holding a special recall election at its meeting today.

Such an election could result in Killeen going without a council for about six months until replacements can be selected at the Nov. 8 election.

City Attorney Kathy Davis said the recall election would have to coincide with the next uniform election date, Nov. 8, a requirement set by state law.

In defiance of such a notion, several residents in favor of the recall have been pushing for an earlier election and are consulting with an attorney to examine their options.

Recall movement leader Jonathan Okray said he's in the process of retaining Chad Dunn, a Houston-based attorney who specializes in civil rights.

"The citizens have a mandate for recall and the council is ignoring that mandate," Okray said. "They refuse to follow the charter for which they're sworn to uphold."

Council loses another member

After District 4 Councilman Ernest Wilkerson resigned Thursday for family-related reasons, the council will vote on accepting his resignation tonight before it considers approving a recall ballot that still includes his name. If it does not accept the resignation, it will still be considered effective by Friday.

In anticipation of this, the council is prepared to vote on two versions of its recall election: one that will include Wilkerson and another that will not, Davis said.

"If Mr. Wilkerson's resignation is accepted during the meeting, I will recommend that the council adopt the ordinance that does not include his name," Davis said.

Community cuts

A number of community programs that rely on federal money doled out by the city will feel the pinch as the council will consider how much money it can distribute based on the limited money it will receive this year.

A final public hearing is scheduled today on nearly $1.5 million of cuts to its Community Development Block Grant.

The workshop starts at 4 p.m. and the regular meeting begins at 6 p.m. at 101 N. College St. in City Hall. Both are open to the public.

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