The City Council will consider a proposal to add a video wall to its nearly complete Street Services and Transportation Division building to better monitor traffic in the city.

The city awarded a bid to Jacob Construction in December for the construction of the $2.1 million facility, expected to be complete this month.

City staff will propose its plan of adding a $118,964 video wall to the facility at today’s workshop meeting.

According to the proposal, transportation staff will use the video wall to monitor real-time traffic conditions throughout the city and remotely make adjustments to allow for improved traffic management through heavily traveled corridors.

The city received a bid from Iteris Inc. for the nearly $119,000 project, which includes $93,964 for eight 55-inch monitors and software and $25,000 for installation and configuration.

The streets department is responsible for coordinating the city’s traffic signals, filling potholes and maintaining street surfaces.

The 10,450-square-foot facility houses the department’s offices, training classrooms, a sign shop and a control room for computers to monitor the city’s traffic signals.

Towing rates

The council also will discuss requested towing rate increases.

In August, local towing companies asked the city to increase the fees charged to residents who have their vehicles towed by police.

Incident management towing services are provided to the city by 13 local companies. Representatives from the towing companies requested the city raise its fee since it has not been increased since 2003.

The towing companies work on a rotation basis and are called by the police department to tow vehicles after an arrest or accident. The fees are charged to vehicle owners or their insurance companies.

The rate in Killeen is $90 for arrest-related tows and $110 for accidents.

City spokeswoman Hilary Shine told the Killeen Daily Herald in August that city employees were researching information they obtained from the West Bell County Towing Association, that they would compile their findings and bring them back before the council for discussion.

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