The Killeen City Council on Tuesday voted in favor of an agreement with the county that is expected to provide cost-saving opportunities.

The council unanimously agreed to allow the city to enter into an interlocal agreement with Bell County that will allow city and county vehicles to fuel at each entity’s barn.

The agreement follows the city’s transition into Texas Fleet Fuel’s Fuel Man program, which began in November. Since entering into a contractual agreement with Texas Fleet Fuel, the fleet services division has used 1,772 fewer gallons of fuel and saved $90,159.

Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman, said the Fuel Man program allows Killeen vehicles to refuel at service stations throughout the city and state that are part of the Texas Fleet Fuel program.

Stu McLennan, director of support services, said the agreement with Bell County, which has a separate agreement with Texas Fleet Fuel, will provide an additional cost-savings opportunity.

According to city documents, Texas Fleet Fuel assigns a PIN number to each employee in the city and the county and a fuel credit card to each vehicle so accounts of fuel purchased for each vehicle from each entity are kept accurately.

“Texas Fleet Fuel accounting system will invoice county purchases of fuel to the county and city purchases of fuel to the city,” the document stated.

McLennan said the county made its request in August but agreed to wait to lock in the agreement until the city transitioned into the Texas Fleet Fuel program.


The council also unanimously agreed to a request from the Killeen Independent School District to rezone 70 acres of land.

The council approved rezoning the property on Trimmier Road, near Charles Patterson Elementary School, from an agricultural district to a suburban residential single-family district for a satellite transportation facility.

Tony McIlwain, city planner, said although the city and the district have only discussed the transportation facility, city staff recommended the council rezone the entire 70 acres to accommodate future growth anticipated by the district.

The transportation facility has a tentative price tag of $3.8 million and is expected to be completed sometime in 2015.

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