Killeen’s public works department will ask the City Council to approve changing the name of Sheila Drive to Lowes Boulevard.

According to city documents, Sheila Drive, which intersects Gateway Boulevard, is platted but undeveloped. In an effort to reduce confusion, city staff believes the roadway should be renamed Lowes Boulevard because it will be the second segment of the east-to-west collector road after road projects are completed.

The city defines a collector road as a low-to-moderate capacity road that moves traffic from local streets to main arterials.

Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman, said the Trimmier Road-widening project could begin as early as fall. As part of the project, Sheila Drive will be constructed to connect to Trimmier, eventually creating a second segment of Lowes Boulevard that will stretch from Florence Road to W.S. Young Drive.

The city’s code allows for the renaming of streets if one of six reasons exists: to establish continuity of the street’s name; to eliminate name-spelling duplication; to bring coherence to street-numbering designation; to provide necessary roadway designation; to honor a person, place, institution or group; or to enhance a neighborhood through association of the street name with its location.

“This change will reduce confusion with regard to street-naming convention and will also reinforce the notion that Lowes Boulevard is a major east-to-west collector,” said Scott Osburn, city public works director, in a letter to the council.

The council will hear the department’s request at its 5 p.m. workshop meeting today in the Transportation Administration Building conference room, 3201A S. W.S. Young Drive.

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