A Killeen councilman is hoping to get a resolution passed that would prohibit the city from providing refuge to immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexican border illegally.

Councilman Jonathan Okray drafted a proposed resolution Wednesday and sent it to City Manager Glenn Morrison, Mayor Scott Cosper and the City Council proposing the city “refuse requests or directives by federal agencies to permit or establish any facility for the purpose of processing, housing or detaining any illegal aliens.”

In the proposal, Okray states that the federal government has “failed to protect the homeland” in accordance with the Constitution and states that “Texas has the right and obligation to protect its citizens” in accordance with the Texas Constitution.

“The citizens of Killeen are greatly concerned regarding the ongoing massive influx of illegal aliens seeking unauthorized entry into the United States,” he said. “The leaders of Killeen question the impact that the sudden influx of school-age illegal minors will have on our independent school district, educational funding, school resources, campus security and health safety for our children.”

According to the White House, more than 47,000 unaccompanied child migrants crossed the border this year. By the year’s end, an estimated 70,000 to 90,000 are expected to have crossed the border.

Hilary Shine, Killeen spokeswoman, said the city has not received any request for aid.

Raul Villaronga, president of League of United Latin American Citizens Council No. 4535, said the proposed resolution “is a stupid idea.”

“What does it do? What would that accomplish? It doesn’t accomplish a damn thing,” he said. “They’re children and for someone to come up with something that prohibits them being provided shelter in Killeen is absolutely stupid.”

Villaronga said being in a city as diverse in Killeen, the population is made up of immigrants.

“If that’s what Okray wants to do, then be my guest, but I’ll do everything I can to make sure that he never gets back on the council again,” he said. “He doesn’t represent my feelings on this and the feelings of a lot of people. Let’s get some solutions, not cause more problems.”

Last month, the Bell County Commissioners Court unanimously passed a similar resolution that would ban the housing of undocumented child immigrants.

The issue also sparked several rallies in Temple with activists on both sides of the immigration debate gathering to promote their views. Central Texas Tea Party members demonstrated outside the Temple Municipal Building prior to a council meeting last month protesting immigration and the potential housing of children crossing the border illegally. Days before the Tea Party demonstration, Refugee Children — a group advocating for children crossing the border — held a rally at Ferguson Park in Temple.

Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison said Okray’s request will go before the City Council at its Aug. 19 workshop meeting.

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Villawronga says "Okray doesn’t represent my feelings on this and the feelings of a lot of people."

Funny how a KDH pole reflects 75% of the peasants are on Okray's side.


I absolutely refuse to give ANY of my tax dollars to illegals, I have raised 2 children and do not believe I am obligated to raise any more.[beam] the democratic party is willing to do anything to maintain a choke hold on the country so flooding the US with potetial voters makes perfect sense to the liberal socialist.


Start with the basics. what if you opened your door tomorrow morning and there were 2 or 3 or so of these waifs. what would you do? well, that is prob'ly what the city, the county and the state should do also....eventually, I would guess, nation to nation talks would result in the kids being picked up by their home nation.........mac


If I opened the door and these "waifs" were on my front porch. I would call the police because if I took them in without notifying law enforcement, that would make me a law breaker.

As far as the "nation to nation" talks, the leaders of these countries are already on the record as saying they blame Obama for this problem.

The word is out... Obama doesn't want borders.They're too oppressive.


Why do some want to make something so simple so hard.

I'm not responsible for any kid that shows up thousands of miles from their home traveling with God knows who, Who say, they are their child.

Then today supposedly some of the females have gotten pregnant while enroute ,meaning we will now have 2 to take care of instead of the one.

I believe some of the females knew they were pregnant and came to the states only because they wanted to use the medical care in the U.S. making the baby a supposed citizen.

VP Joe Biden made a statement the other day that these are- Our Children-,
One of them might be his child, He's the one whose made trips into Mexico ad central America.

But no one I'm associated with , has been into any of the country's were these kids have shown up from, so No one I know, takes responsibility for any of them, nor any of the thousands of adults who have barged into the American peoples land.


"Why do some want to make something so simple so hard."

...I don't know but liberals sure are good at it!


I agree with Councilman Okray's not wanting any money from the tax payers to be spent on any illegal who is in the country Illegally. Jut because some politicians are giving the idea the OK. Doesn't mean Killeen ,Texas has to do the same.
I also would rather none would be put up on Ft Hood either as they have been at other US military bases.

It doesn't matter if it is a child, Which really only makes up 20 percent of those stealing across the border in this last bunch, or one of the 80 percent which is made up of adult men and women. Including gang members and its not known for certain who else or were they are really from..

Why should the tax payers of Killeen have to be ask to pay out anything when our young workers especially, are having a hard time trying to support themselves.

If Mr. Villaronga wants to donate his own money to help these people who have caused so much expense already, Let him feel free to do it.

Its a very selfish attitude on Villarongas part to threaten Councilman Okray of Possibly costing him an election, if he would ever chose to run for office at another time.

Villaronga feels just because he says something is a stupid idea -Then it must be so. A very overbearing attitude.

I personally feel that was an unsavory remark on Mr. Villarongas part ,
after having seem, there are a lot of stupid people in the state then,
since many city's in Texas have felt the need to protect their city's and the citizens tax money and passed the same type resolution.


When Jonathan Okray started fighting against the status quo in Killeen I knew he was going to be a huge problem in the politics of the City, and he has not disappointed, Thank You Sir for working for those you represent instead of people like Raul Villaronga who apparently are shills for foreign governments.




Villaronga says, I'll will do everything I can to make sure that someone who has a different opinion than me never gets back on the council again.

Haha! He respects diversity... just not diversity in opinions.




Raul said "Villaronga said being in a city as diverse in Killeen, the population is made up of immigrants."
Does common sense say its okay for illegal immigrants to have rights? Common sense tells me that Killeen's population of immigrants comes mostly from the Army and their spouses and relatives,
They were legal immigrants which created no problem. He even said it was stupid. Wow
He also said “What does it do? What would that accomplish? It doesn’t accomplish xxxx thing,” Then why did Bell County commissioners pass the same thing? Using common sense?
So KDH interviews one hispanic and what do you think his comment is going to be?




Common Sense tells me---- To wonder in a big way, Why a person would argue so
out landishly for anyone ,illegal kids OR the illegal adults who have drifted in with them.

When its going to take away from the finances of those legal citizens who may not be of the same thinking.

It doesn't show good, loyal to the people, common sense.

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