The Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is getting a $1.8 million security upgrade.

The Killeen City Council signed a contract with G4S Technology LLC earlier this week for an overhaul of the facility’s security system.

Matt Van Valkenburgh, the city’s aviation director, said the airport has outgrown its current system.

“Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport was built in 2004. At that time we installed a non-integrated access control and monitoring system, which met the existing requirements for security,” he said. “Since then, (the airport) has experienced growth both in the facility and in demand.”

Van Valkenburgh said security requirements have changed and technology advances have surpassed the current system’s capability.

In December, a request for proposal was issued for the airport to find the “best-value option” for an integrated access control and video management system, Van Valkenburgh said.

According to city documents, potential vendors visited the airport to view its existing systems and tour the facility, and in January four vendors submitted proposals.

Van Valkenburgh said the proposals were evaluated by a panel of seven, including three airport staff, two city information technologies staff, a member of the Killeen Police Department and a member of the city’s water and sewer utilities department.

Van Valkenburgh said the $1.8 million contract includes a five-year maintenance and warranty on the system, spare parts and backup servers.

“If the main server ever goes down, we automatically have a secondary server to pick up immediately so that there is no loss of access, control or security,” he said. “Also, we get the benefit of creating a secondary remote operation center. In case anything happens at the terminal, we can remote all operations to a secondary center.”

Van Valkenburgh did not provide a time line for installation and activation of the new system.

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