Officials hope a solid waste master plan and rate study will help the Killeen City Council make decisions about its recycling initiative.

City Manager Glenn Morrison said the master plan and rate study should give the council “better information” about rolling out a recycling program.

“It’s not our intention to push one or the other,” he said, referring to a mandatory system versus a voluntary one. “We want to bring the facts and the best information possible, so the council can make the best decision on behalf of the citizens.”

During its meeting Tuesday, the council agreed to allow the city to enter into a $140,000 contract with SCS Engineers for the development of a solid waste master plan and a rate study model for the division.

Scott Osburn, city public works director, said the overall objective of the plan is to develop a comprehensive analysis of solid waste operations and to plan for the department’s future fiscally and functionally.

“The objective of the rate plan process is to analyze and provide the best and most information possible to allow (the) City Council to move forward or consider various different initiatives,” he said. “This plan will analyze where the city is at, where the city wants to be in the future and the actions necessary to get the city to that point.”

Osburn said once a master plan and rate study are complete, the council will have actual numbers and figures in front of them.

“As we go through this process, we will know what those numbers look like. ... Should (recycling) be mandatory? Should it be not mandatory? In terms of real numbers, what it’s going to cost the city to provide those services to the citizens,” he said.

The recycling component of the master plan will analyze the implementation of a single-stream program utilizing a single cart system and a multicart system. It will also review existing and future rates based on current and future programs, Osburn said. It’s unclear when the plan and rate study will be completed.

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