Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin recently announced via Facebook that he will not seek re-election once his term expires in May.

Corbin said he planned to make the announcement after the first of the year, but when a hat was thrown in the ring at a recent event, he deemed it appropriate to make the announcement.

“At the Metroplex Hospital Gala, Scott Cosper always bids on something,” Corbin said. “It was then announced that ‘Scott Cosper for Mayor’ was the winner of a bid, and I decided to post on Facebook that I would not be seeking re-election.”

Corbin said he is backing Cosper in his bid for the seat.

When elected in 2011, Corbin said he “promised” his wife and family that he would only serve one term.

He said he ran for mayor following the November 2011 recall because he felt he was “needed at the time.”

“During the recall, the dilemma was who is going to be the mayor to lead what would essentially be a totally new council,” he said. “A lot of people contacted me and said they needed someone with my background. I was familiar with city government, having served on the planning and zoning commission and the council.”

Corbin said he reluctantly agreed to run.

Although Corbin still has more than six months left as mayor, he said he’s satisfied with the work that has been done under his reign.

“I think the council was very energetic and conscientious in getting trained,” he said. “They were generally very inexperienced and didn’t have backgrounds in government but they all worked very, very hard. I think we have accomplished a lot.”

Corbin said he has no intention of running for any other office.

Regarding a post Corbin made on Facebook on Monday stating, “Killeen desperately needs to find some residents who can be mentored and trained to become (council members),” he said the post was fueled by a conversation he had earlier in the day.

“I thought it would be a good idea if we spent more time in some more formal way, possibly through some sort of volunteer activity, where people who are interested come in and we start training them on government so they can see how the city is laid out,” he said. “It’s a shame when you get people elected and they don’t know anything about the city and how it’s set up to run.”

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Randy Johnson

Yeah with Cosper, there will be a Drinking Buddy for Morrison to hang out with..They are both Alcoholics!!!!


Looking at accomplishments under this mayor they aren't any different than the past. More homes being built, more construction. Harker Heights has a varied tax base but Killeen continues to rely on Ft. Hood. Strong arming ways will be missed by the select few that had agendas furthered.

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