Scott Cosper is running for Killeen Mayor in the May 10 election.

Killeen mayoral candidate Scott Cosper said the biggest challenge facing the city is its water capacity.

Cosper, 45, who filed for election Jan. 29, sat down with the Herald last week for a question-and-answer session.

He said he decided to run because he wants to continue serving the city he’s “worked hard” for over the past 14 years in various capacities.

“I have been involved in many, many capacities, and I believe I have the ability and the relationships to be a regional leader,” he said. “I’m familiar with working with people in the community, and I think that I can take those skills and reach out to the citizens and understand what everyday citizens go through each and every day.”

Cosper, a local business owner, serves on various boards, including the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance, the foundation board for Texas A&M University and the Killeen Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization policy board. He also served as a councilman from 2000 to 2006. He returned to the council and served as mayor pro tem in 2008, but was recalled in November 2011 along with four other council members.

“That was a trying time in our city’s past,” Cosper said. “Unfortunately, we were in a situation that had no good answers. ... We did what we thought was best at the time and we have moved forward.”

Cosper said the city’s biggest challenge is water capacity.

“We are very close to triggering a mandate with (the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) to have to construct a new water plant and provide additional capacity,” he said. “... I know the city has plans that are currently in progress to address that issue, but we need to go all the way into finalizing the agreements with (Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1) and get the plant under construction.”

Cosper said he believes his accomplishments make him the best candidate to fulfill the city’s mayoral duties.

“I am certain that I have the ability to lead the city,” he said. “I am excited about the opportunity to continue moving our community forward with (its) great low cost of living and the opportunity for people to live the American dream right here in Killeen.”

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I am sure these questions will come up in the future, but being a local citizen I am very concerned about the worthiness of both Mayoral candidates.

The topics or most important agenda that both candidates have presented, are not ones that "everyday" citizens really care about. Resident apathy and water capacity?

My question for each is...
Being a transient citizen and having lived and traveled all over the world, I don't see where a city can make a person feel warm, fuzzy and part of the family. How do you propose to do such a thing? Most people who come here (85-90%) are military. Most of those Soldiers are here for their respective 3-4 years and are then moved per the Army's needs to their next duty station, there really isn't much that anyone can do to control that or to make them decide to make Killeen their home. The remainder do indeed buy homes in the area and make Central Texas their permanent home. So I'd like to see how you propose to do this, what the cost to the city would be and where exactly funding would come from for such an endeavor.

Regarding Water Capacity, my question is... Both of the candidates have been on the City Council for years and did they and the other council members not see that within the near future (with continued growth that both have contributed to) we would need more water? This shouldn't be a new idea, this should be in the works already... i.e. planning effectively. If 1 + 2 = 3, you can rest assured that 4 will come soon after and you should have 4 planned ahead of time. I would like to see a well laid out plan to get a new water facility completed in a timely manner at minimal cost to the citizens and again where the funds will come from to facilitate it.

I really think that we should be addressing larger issues that "everyday" citizens are concerned with... that being (1) JOBS (2) HEALTHCARE (3) CRIME (4) ENTERTAINMENT.

I would like to see both candidates address the issue of unemployment in the area. What are YOU going to do to help create more jobs in the area and what would you do to attract more business to the Killeen area?

Healthcare, this has been a hot topic for everyone... with the Affordable Healthcare Act falling short of covering a large portion of citizens who lack funds to pay for "affordable healthcare", how is the city going to help the citizens with this federal requirement fast approaching? What will the city do to provide healthcare needs to citizens who fall between the cracks.

Crime, our burglary rates still remain very high. Given the economy and high unemployment in the area, burglary and theft has increased. As we say in our household, the bill collectors will not wait and are not very understanding when you say " I haven't been able to find a job and have no money". You have to pay bills!!! And people are doing things to make that happen and to provide for their families. What will you do to help our Police Department combat these crimes?

Entertainment... this is one thing that Killeen is very lacking in. We have a movie theater, parks (which no one frequents in inclement weather), a bowling alley and skating rink. Not sure what else is here but there isn't much to do in your free time, if you don't have a student playing sports at a local school. And for young people and Soldiers, that means drinking and causing mischief, i.e. keeping KPD busy chasing them while they could be preventing those burglaries. We need things to do in the area... What will YOu do to bring more entertainment industries to the area?

Downtown Revitilization. I would like to know both candidates stances on this, what else can be done to improve upon and continue with the good work that is taking place in the downtown area.

We have a large number of homeless people in the area, due to unemployment and other circumstances. What is the city doing to help get these people off the streets and back on their feet? Why doesn't the city take one of the large buildings in the downtown area and convert it into a homeless shelter with a staff of counselors who can help these people find jobs and other agencies that can help them get back to a productive lifestyle in the community? Perhaps the city could create "Day Labor Pools around the city where people who do not have transportation or the money to seek a job can go and sign in for daily work ... when an employer needs a laborer they can stop in and pick up laborers as needed.

There are so many things that most candidates are out of touch with, ask your daily citizen what they NEED to make their lives better in the Killeen area? Meaning go out and knock on doors like Politicians did when they cared about the citizens... if you want to make us feel warm, fuzzy and welcome, go the extra mile and talk to us face to face and then address those issues... don't give us a speel or face talk and then do nothing. If you want my vote and those of many like me, then you both have to prove your worthy of it.


@ Cosper said he believes his accomplishments ,
make him the best candidate to fulfill the city’s mayoral duties.

Believes his accomplishments :

There an old saying someone told me ---
All the Atta boys in the world doesn't do away with 1 Aw sh*t

An Aw sh*t happened as far as I'm concerned, when Cosper along with Mayor Hancock and other members of the council at the time, Approved a $750,000 pay off to City Manager Green a couple of years ago.
Without ever giving the tax payers, Whose money went to make the pay off, an explanation.

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