The Killeen City Council is considering a contract for the development of a water reuse master plan that would move the city forward with its initiative to conserve potable water.

In September, the council approved the city’s request to enter into a reclaimed water supply agreement with Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1

Now, city staff is requesting the council’s approval to hire engineering firm Freese and Nichols Inc./Walker Partners Engineers team to develop a master plan.

“(The city’s) growth brings with it the additional demand for public support systems, including dependable raw water supply and a potable delivery system,” Public Works Director Scott Osburn said. “Killeen has been proactive in reviewing and strengthening its water resources and facilities. Due to limited raw water supplies in Central Texas, the utilization of reuse and reclaimed water has offered the city additional long-term options in its integrated water resource strategies.”

Reclaimed water, also known as graywater, is highly treated water but it’s unsafe for human consumption. It’s used for a variety of applications, including irrigation and industrial cooling water.

Osburn said the use of reclaimed water will preserve the amount of treated potable water available for general use in the city.

By using graywater to irrigate Stonetree Golf Club, about 500,000 gallons of potable water would be saved daily.

Osburn said following the agreement with WCID-1 for reclaimed water, the next step is establishing a water reuse master plan.

The development of the master plan is estimated to cost $327,637.

The council will vote on whether to hire the engineering firm in its 5 p.m. regular meeting Tuesday.

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If my memory serves me correctly, first it was 'We are approaching the 85 % cut off point that we will require the city do something'. I will not speak of: 'Then it because the city desired to access 4,200 homes that were to be built just South of the city's boundary, and the city stated that it would be approximately 20 years before the city would entertain incorporation. This would entail building a water treatment facility to feed this water treatment plant from Stillhouse Hollow Lake, to entertain the development on the South side of the city, including, the now it was reduced to 3,750 new homes they intend to build, not to mention what the police departments growth would be and the fire departments growth would be, the sanitation departments potential growth, all of which fell to the wayside'.
They now have a contract estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $30 Million, of which the city of Killeen is fronting this venture. I would like to ask again, 'Where did the $5 Million come from and how much more does the city of Killeen have stashed away'?
Now the city is entertaining a contract to 'contract for a water reuse plan', and the city is entertaining giving an Engineering firm, Freese and Nichols Inc./Walker Partners Engineers team to develop a master plan. They already have the firm picked out, no competitive bidding, nothing, just give them a contract on a golden platter. The development of the master plan is estimated to cost a paltry sum of $327,637.00, to lay out a plan for for the development of water reuse. With this arrangement I guess the city hires an engineering company, who, in turn will facilitate the 'master plan for the reuse. Then it will be another contract to this or another engineering company to 'engineer'. Now how much 'reuse water', in the 'proactive' plan is envisioned by the city in regards to, 1.) does the city envision a lot of manufacturers, or other users of this 'Grey water or reuse water, or, are they just counting on golf courses for the major recycle use. Wouldn't that be determined in the design phase, the sizing of the total plant, both the treated water and the waste water?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are being 'spoon fed' by the city because, by the turnout of the last election, a total of <3,500 voters with the next mayor getting I think it is, 1,506 votes or 43.11% out of a city population of >130,000. By my reckoning, he won with 0.01% of the total population.
People, the citizens of Killeen, in this mornings newspaper, there is a ¼ page on A5 entitled 'What's Important To You'. 'The City of Killeen needs your input in planning the FY 2014 Annual Budget and the Plan of Municipal Services'. I urge each and every one of you to go to the meeting to be held in the Utility Collections Conference Room, 210 West Avenue C on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Attend and pass this on to each of your friends. Even if 0.01% of the citizens turns out, this will be more than the Utility Collections Main Conference can handle. In my opinion, they should schedule an event of this importance in the Killeen Civic Center. In my opinion, this is a topic that should be presented in an open forum, by email.
This is probably the one and only chance we will have to present our viewpoints so if you don't care what this city does, or how your money is being spent, then you can't complain.

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