George Lueck, Killeen transportation director, gave a brief update on the ongoing U.S. Highway 190, Rosewood Drive and Farm-to-Market 2410 project at the weekly meeting Monday of the Exchange Club of Killeen.

“We’re putting asphalt on (Rosewood) as we speak, and that section (of the project) is almost complete,” he told a group of more than 20 members in attendance.

One problem with the project, he said, is the city “can’t get anywhere to the north” until the U.S. 190 bridge over Rosewood Drive is built.

The overpass is expected to be complete sometime in spring 2015.

Lueck said the addition of the overpass and the extension of Rosewood Drive will allow motorists coming from the southeast portion of the city to access north Killeen without having to take the Stan Schlueter Loop or FM 2410, which is being widened to five lanes.

Widening of Trimmier Road

Lueck said the next major project to alleviate traffic congestion is the widening of Trimmier Road and the extension of Lowes Boulevard to Florence Road.

The projects, which will go before the City Council soon for approval, are expected to go out for bid sometime this year.

“Basically, we will be adding a turn lane on Trimmier Road. I’m sure everybody has been stuck on Trimmier Road before,” he said. “The only way I can fix that is to add turn signals. Once we get the turn lane in there, we will be able to improve the efficiency to that corridor.”

He said the extension of Lowes Boulevard to Florence Road will give motorists more access to the frontage road, which will open up the entrances along Lowes Boulevard and alleviate some of the congestion.

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