Cars travel on U.S. Highway 190 in Killeen on Monday, March 31, 2014. The Killeen Police Department is asking the City Council to reduce speed limits in areas where there is construction.

The Killeen City Council heard a request from the police department in its workshop meeting Tuesday to lower the speed limit along U.S. Highway 190 and the U.S. 190 frontage road through construction zones.

George Lueck, the city’s transportation engineer, said the request is for a 5-mph drop “across the board.”

He said if the council passes the measure, the city will notify the public before it takes effect. It will remain in place throughout the duration of the project.

Ken Roberts, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said TxDOT supports the efforts being made by the Killeen Police Department and the city to reduce the speed limit.

“We have a significant amount of construction underway. When there is that much construction and you look at the amount of traffic that we see on U.S. 190 in that area on a daily basis, safety is a critical factor,” he told the Herald. “Safety is a critical factor not only for the traveling public, but as well as for our workers who are out there.”

According to city documents, a city transportation engineer determined “the speeds need to be dropped” following a study of the traffic flow along the U.S. 190 corridor, which more than 100,000 motorists travel daily.

The Texas Transportation Code states that a city’s governing body has the authority to reduce the speed limit following an engineering and traffic study on a marked highway when a portion of the highway is under repair, construction or maintenance.

Roadway projects currently under construction are the widening of U.S. 190 from the Fort Hood main gate to W.S. Young Drive and from W.S. Young Drive to Farm-to-Market 2410.

FM 2410 is also being widened and Rosewood Drive is being extended to meet East Central Texas Expressway.

Construction is expected to be completed in summer 2015.

The council will formally vote on the issue in its next regular meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

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