If approved, grant funding could aid the Killeen Police Department in stepping up its patrols and increasing the number of DWI checkpoints conducted throughout the city.

Police Chief Dennis Baldwin said the department has applied for, and received, funds in previous years from the Texas Department of Transportation to conduct “selective traffic enforcement activities” in an overtime capacity.

The department was recently authorized to receive the grant for the current year to participate in the speed enforcement and impaired-driver mobilization programs.

If the Killeen City Council authorizes the department to accept the grant, the city is obligated to match the funds in the amount of $51,043 and TxDOT will put in $81,600 for a total award of $132,643.

Baldwin said funds will be used to pay officers’ salaries in an overtime capacity and for vehicle mileage to work speed enforcement on designated portions of U.S. Highway 190, Central Texas Expressway, Elms Road, W.S. Young Drive, Clear Creek Road and Trimmier Road. Baldwin said speed patrols will be done on a regular basis, but additional DWI checkpoints will be concentrated around major holidays.

If the grant is accepted, about $40,000 in matching funds will be required to pay salary costs and fringe benefits not covered by the grant and approximately $11,000 will be required to pay mileage costs for vehicle operations.

The council will vote on the grant at its Tuesday meeting.

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I would hope that the KPD would be allowed law enforcement grants, especially if this will allow for the extra patrols into where the citizens live, the neighborhoods.
I have saw 2 patrol cars in my neighborhood in approximately the last 2 years.

Extra officers are hired and financed to go through the academy but yet they are still never seem in neighborhoods, where the majority of crimes begin.
Always an excuse is given to why the people's service and protection aren't available. Always when the people question, why there's not more law enforcement on the street, another excuse is given or the people or they're told to 'come in 'to the station to make a complaint, a police dept. that was built a long distance away from where the majority of people consider the 'HUB' of the city.

Why have patrol cars been purchased by the tax payer, if the people are never going to see what they look like since they are never patrolling the neighborhoods. I can't accept or believe there isn't enough personnel who the people are financing at the police dept. that each neighborhood wouldn't have at least one patrol go through at least once a day if not a shift. I that's the situation ,some need to come out of the building itself from desk jobs and patrol once in a while.

It wasn't always like this, yes the city has gotten bigger, and more heavily populated, but the people have also hired more law enforcement personnel to supposedly meet the need.

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