Several city departments will relocate in the coming months as Killeen officials work to create more synergy among operations and address structural concerns at City Hall.

Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison said several departments are moving to be more efficient and effective for residents, and to address a recent structural assessment of City Hall.

“On the third floor or even the second, the floors bounce a little bit,” he said. “That assessment said we’ve got to relieve some of the weight that’s on those floors. Not only equipment, but also staff.”

Among the first to move will be the inspections and permits department, the finance department and the transportation department.

To address City Hall’s structural concerns, within the next month, the finance department will move to the Arts & Activities Center on North Second Street.

“That will relieve a great deal of weight with all the filing cabinets and everything that is up on the third floor,” Morrison said. “It will also allow us to maximize efficiency.”

He said some finance staff will remain at City Hall, but a plan is in place to ensure the city maintains synergy in its operations.

“We obviously work very closely with finance each and every day,” he said. “We don’t envision losing any momentum we have there.”

The information technology and geographical information systems departments, which are currently housed in leased space on Avenue D, will move to the corner of Avenue D and Second Street inside a city-owned building.

Morrison said the city records department will relocate and housed with the informations and GIS departments.

The moves aren’t expected to be complete for about a month.

The transportation department is projected to move into its new $2.1 million facility by mid-March. The facility will house department offices, training classrooms, a sign shop and a control room to monitor city traffic.

Another move on the books is for the inspections and permits department to relocate to East Avenue C with code enforcement.

“What this (move) does is it puts two very close working groups together,” Morrison said. “Permits and inspections and code enforcement work hand-in-hand each and every day.”

Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman, said the moves are in various stages of progress, and until they are finalized, residents will still report to the departments’ current locations. | 254-501-7555

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