Killeen city employees will likely see a 3 percent pay raise this month following a consensus from the council to move forward with having the item on the agenda to put to a vote at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

City Manager Glenn Morrison and the council discussed the pay increase at a special workshop meeting last week, and Assistant City Manager Ann Farris brought it before the council Tuesday at its workshop meeting.

The increase affects all city employees, police officers and firefighters. Morrison, who received a 4 percent merit raise last month, is excluded in the 3 percent pay increase.

With council approval, employees would see the increase reflected in their June 18 paychecks, and it would be carried out through the end of the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

Other raises possible

During the council and city staff’s development of the city’s 2014-2015 budget, the council will consider additional raises for various city positions.

Positions in the city are advertised with a minimum and maximum monthly pay amount. For example, a Code Enforcement supervisor under the current pay plan could make anywhere from $2,952 per month to $4,563 per month. Under the proposed plan, the same position could garner anywhere from $3,041 per month to $4,700 per month.

Morrison said the minimum wage for a position is what attracts a recruit, the midpoint and maximum aids the city’s retention rate with employees.

“My concern is attracting and recruiting,” Morrison said. “Attracting and attaining is a really big deal. We have a very seasoned group, a lot of folks are here for a reason. ... They’re valued employees and we want to maintain those, and I also want to be able to go out there and get the best and brightest.”

Funding for the increase will cost the city $547,393, which will come from the general fund, aviation fund, solid waste fund, water and sewer fund, drainage fund and special revenues fund.

For Killeen police officers just starting out on a probationary basis, the increase would put the position’s salary at $41,593 annually. A 10-year police officer would have an annual salary of $55,453 under the proposed plan.

The fiscal impact on the police department pay plan would be $137,131.

A firefighter, under the proposed plan, would garner $40,974.

A 10-year veteran of the fire department would be compensated $51,216 annually. The fiscal impact for the increase to the fire department pay plan is $105,967. Morrison said funds for the increases are available in the current budget. The council will vote on the increase in its June 10 regular meeting.

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It is my understanding that the City Manager wants all the City employees to receive an 3% pay increase effective immediately. Like everyone else I agree in pay wages, but the economics does not warrant this high of a paid raise. As an worker in the private sector, I received a 1% increase in the last two years. It has been said that the increase would be paid out of the General Fund, which supports Solid Waste, aviation, water & sewer, drainage funds. This will cost the tax payer $547,393. Wouldn’t be better to increase the city employees wage by 1% and improve the services of the city.

Has a home owner and tax payer, I see our city services cost increase every year without seeing any improvement of services. I’m for one are disappointed in the City Police department violating citizens civil and constitutional rights, without deterring crime. The police should protect rights of the citizens, keep citizens feeling safe. The city workers on the lower pay scale, the Parks, road workers should receive a high increase than Police and Fire. As an retired Deputy Sheriff, I can testify that the pay scale propose is too high. But when comes right down to it, can you guarantee that the city’s services cost will not be increase in the near future?

I will send this email to each member of the council and attend the vote on Tuesday, to see if you truly have the City’s citizen in mind.

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