COPPERAS COVE — Copperas Cove voters went to the polls to select a new City Council member Tuesday, but a runoff election will be needed to determine the winner.

Kirby Lack received 266 votes, or 41 percent; Azeita Taylor garnered 230 votes, or 35 percent. Since neither candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote, they will face off in a runoff election.

George Duncan finished third, with 154 votes, or 24 percent.

The candidates were seeking the Place 5 position on the council, which was vacated when Kenn Smith resigned in March.

The council is expected to set a date for the runoff election at its Aug. 4 meeting.

Both Taylor and Lack were optimistic about their chances in the runoff.

“There wasn’t a clear-cut winner so we have to do the runoff,” Lack said.“Then we start this all over again. I’m excited. I’m going to win.”

Taylor was equally optimistic. “I think it’s awesome to still be in it — to still have a chance,” she said. “It’s really great for all those who voted for me because the candidate they rooted for still has a shot.”

Duncan didn’t take his third-place finish as a defeat; rather, he focused on what Cove was getting from the other candidates, most notably Lack.

“It’s no secret that Kirby (Lack) and I have similar views,” he said. “So I know that a like-minded individual is still in the running. I feel very calm.”

Perhaps, Duncan added, he would be willing to run in the November election, but was noncommittal.

“I’ll probably run in November but I am not sure as of now,” he said.

Before the election, both candidates campaigned on the idea their job was to be the voice of the people. Neither were too committal on any one issue, aside from the the belief that residents have a right to own chickens. Instead, they both stated they’d do what their constituents wanted.

“This job is not about what I want, it’s about what the people want,” Lack said. “So as long as there are no negative social effects — I will vote in favor of the people’s voice.”

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