LAMPASAS — A county resident asked commissioners Monday to fix a drainage issue on County Road 3210 that’s been a problem for more than a year.

James Evans, who requested a place on the meeting agenda, told commissioners the solution repeatedly proposed by the county would not work.

“There was a ditch that was created (by the county) about a year and a half ago that forces water down my driveway, and the erosion and all that is significant,” Evans said. “I talked to the commissioner about the problem, and he said I need a culvert.”

Property along CR 3210

Evans, whose property along CR 3210 is in Precinct 1, talked to Commissioner Robert Vincent Jr. about possibly increasing the size of the drainage ditch across the street to divert the overflow.

Vincent said Evans needed to install a culvert beneath his driveway to stop the flooding.

Evans said installing a culvert would simply cause the overflowing water to run all over his lawn instead of into the intended waterway nearby.

A culvert is a structure typically made out of a half-buried pipe or reinforced concrete that allows water to flow under an obstruction.

Commissioners can issue permits for culverts but cannot require residents to install one.

The county does not pay for culverts or regulate their maintenance.

Paul Cook, another resident at the meeting, said drainage problems are made worse by installing culverts because they get silted up quickly or damaged.

“I’ve seen situations where there have been four or five culverts up the road that have collapsed,” said Cook, referring to drainage problems that have increased because of residents failing to clean out their culverts.

Evans also said commissioners might possibly be violating Texas Transportation Code 254.006, which says the court “may not construct a ditch without an outlet to a natural waterway large enough to carry off all water that may collect in the ditch.”

Commissioners tabled the item until they could review the layout of CR 3210 near Evans’ property.

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