LAMPASAS — Many voters are turning out early to voice their opinions on the proposed senior tax freeze for residents age 65 and older, Elections Administrator Randy McGuire said.

Lampasas County has 12,540 registered voters. As of late Thursday afternoon, approximately 290 voters had made their way to the polls. Early voting continues through Friday.

“Most of the people voting in this election are voting in the over 65 tax proposal,” McGuire said. “On Wednesday, we actually had a line for a short time. There are gaps in traffic throughout the day, but most voters are in and out of here in about 10 minutes.”

The tax freeze issue has been emotionally charged at times. Many older adults favor the proposal, citing fixed incomes and their days of wage-earning long behind them. Some county officials, however, expressed concern that a freeze would place too large a burden on younger families struggling to survive in today’s economy.

Earlier this summer, County Auditor Chris Munn told officials the county could lose as much as $1.2 million in the next seven years if the item is passed.

The tax freeze would benefit 14.7 percent of the county’s residents who are in the 65 and older tax bracket, but those opposed to the idea are worried about the financial strain the freeze would place on the remaining 85.3 percent of the county’s wage-earning population.

Voters also will see nine statewide propositions on the ballot. Also, some residents will see candidates for three Copperas Cove City Council seats and a proposal allowing for a $6 million certificate of obligation for a new Copperas Cove fire station.

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