Phil Andreas, public works director for the city of Lampasas, announced his resignation at the council's regular meeting Monday.

LAMPASAS — The city public works director announced his resignation at a City Council meeting Monday after nearly a year of city service.

Phil Andreas, a native New Yorker, was hired in July with more than 20 years experience in the public utility sector.

Andreas worked as a private pubic utility consultant in New York before moving to take the job with the city.

During his time in Lampasas, the council has seen and approved aggressive city improvement projects, which will equate to more than $2 million in infrastructure improvements once they are all completed.

Most recently, the city spent several hundred thousand dollars on drainage and paving projects, including $55,000 to update outdated and dilapidated water tanks and $100,000 to inspect and replace deteriorating utility poles. 

The city also spent thousands of dollars updating electric meters and the city’s water infrastructure. 

At the same Monday meeting, the council approved another $41,300 public works contract to assess and fix mechanical issues with the Nix tank, which is located off Farm-to-Market 580 west, as well as assess the area for future improvements.

“In every case, we came in under budget with more value,” said Finley deGraffenried, city manager of Lampasas.

Andreas, 57, will be returning to Long Island, N.Y., in the coming weeks to rejoin his wife. “It was a pleasure and honor to work for the city ... it was really a team effort.” Andreas said, explaining how city staff helped with projects. “My wife decided she wasn’t ready to move, so that was the underlining issue.”

Andreas said he will occasionally be back to visit Texas because his 28-year-old daughter lives in Austin.

DeGraffenried appointed Shane Brown as interim public works director. Brown was formerly the superintendent for the Public Works department.

Officials will decide further steps in the next 30 days.

Council members also met in executive session for about 90 minutes to consult with the city attorney, discuss a personnel matter related to the city’s administrative staff and city manager, and discuss the authority of public power utility governing bodies to deliberate regarding competitive manners. No action was taken.

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